Sunday, 2 August 2015

Week 31 - swift fly the weeks

How time flies! The last time I wrote something was 15 weeks ago. Did I really say 15 weeks. That is 3 month! What could have been such an distraction to not have written for so long. In May I was kept busy applying for a new job. I wrote a couple of application letters and 6 weeks after writing the first letter I had a new job. On hindsight finding a new job was easy peasy. I guess, all the worry and frustration was for nothing. End of June I gave my notice and half of Augustus I start teaching at another University of Applied Sciences. So that explains 6 weeks. What did I do with the other 9 weeks?

At the end of April I went to Pour l’ Amour du Fil in Nantes, France. Did not see much of the city this time, but met up with lots of old quilter friends and met some ones at the new venue Parc des expositions of la Beaujoire. I was there for only 2 whole days but away from home for four. Will share my photos in another post.
That leaves me with another 8 weeks to explain my absence from my blog. The 4 weeks in June and the 2 weeks in Juli were very busy weeks. At the end of a school year one spends a lot of time marking papers, preparing tests and exams, and accessing student portfolios and interviews. Grading and giving feedback is very time consuming but an activity that gives lots of satisfaction. However it is also a (cognitive) activity that uses up a lot of mental energy. Did you know that the mind has a huge effect on one’s level of physical energy? Actually those 6 weeks in combination with job interviews was pretty tiring. Leaving me feeling drained.

I now only have to explain the remaining two weeks. That is easy, I’m on vacation! Yes, I have a 4 week summer break.

What will I use these four weeks for? On activities that will boost my energy level. Some of these activities are:
1. basking in the sun
2. practicing gratitude
3. surround myself with great people
4. think positively
5. declutter my mind (that is a hard one)
6. making time for family, friends and hobbies
7. stimulate the mind
8. practice minimalism - learning to say ‘no’
9. focus on what’s in my control - learning to not worry about or hoping for something that I have no influence or control of
10. taking responsibility for my emotions

Helen, the quiltmaker