Sunday, 5 April 2015

Stonefields Bee - Zutphen

Well I have to share the lovely photos of some of the blocks that the other quilters made from the Stonefields bee that I visited yesterday. Even I have something to show. Naturally I had to take some pictures while walking from the carpark to the shop.

Spring has sprong!

Look at all those lovely blocks

One of the quilters wasn't that happy with this block, that is shown underneath. I think it is pretty.

Well all the photos from now on are from the block I'm working on. The backside. Very important to show. Will iron this a little later on! Need to make the backside look pretty too. 

The front side

The perfect circles being sewn on

Oops, these little blocks are not mine. Bep is doing an alternative for the hexies. I was allowed to make a picture of them.

The sun is showing itself on the way back to the car

Here the continuing progress of me sewing on the perfect circles

This is amazing glue. Have you discovered Roxanne's Glue-Baste-it? This incredible appliqué glue is 100% water-soluble and dries in minutes. Holds firmly and it does not feel stiff when dry. I was a little scared to use it, but another quilter convinced me when I was allowed to try some of hers first. So guess who bought her own unique syringe applicator? I just have to place a droplet of glue and the perfect circle stays where I want it and I can appliqué it on. No pins. Appliqué has become easy.

Okay, one done, another to go!

On my way to finish this last block.

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ruthsplace said...

Loved seeing all the photos of your surroundings and the quilts in progress.