Sunday, 8 February 2015

Gratitude - week 6

My last post was in 2014, to be more specific on the 18th of October. I’ve decided after much contemplation to rekindle my blog. As I really want to focus on those things that make me happy. I’m noticing that I’m focusing more on what I have not accomplished and less at what I really enjoy and have achieved.

In the past years I’ve learned that being thankful in everything is more important than being thankful for something. It might be a little strange to re-start writing in week 6 of 2015, but who cares. I don’t! I’m refocusing on being thankful on all that exists.

In the past week I have appreciated the following things:
  •           Recognizing that I’m a great mentor and tutor. I love teaching small groups of students. Students seek me out and ask my advice. I love teaching them to be curious. I see that my ethical, scientific and professional behavior seems to leave a strong impression on the students I have contact with. I’m happy to say my attitude towards my work, the nursing profession in general and investigative ability seems to leave an imprint. Their self-awareness increases after our meetings.
  •          Teaching allows me to be curious. It allows me to assess and develop my knowledge, values, qualities, skills and behaviors. I get paid to reflect on my own experiences and learn from them. These experiences guide my personal and professional development. Who can say they get paid for doing what they love?
  •          Recognizing my own strength and weaknesses. I think I might be a global learner. I need to see the big picture of a subject before I can master details. Once I have understanding of how the material connects to other topics and disciplines I’m able to apply it in ways most other thinkers could never dream of. I learn in large jumps, absorbing material almost randomly without seeing connections, and then suddenly ‘getting it‘. Therefore, one of my bigger challenges is giving lectures to students who have other learning styles and strategies.
  •          Meeting colleagues, who like me, are just starting out as teachers. We are doing a course together. Learning basic teaching skills. So cool.
  •          Figuring out how to make G-3 ‘Four leaf clover’ one of the 225 blocks from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle quilt (Dear Jane). Thanks Laura for your help. I’m starting to see why I am the slow quiltmaker. I need to understand why I’m doing it, the way I do it.

  • Learning to control my time and life. Because of my whooping cough and bronchitis I’m less fit than I would like to admit. I have the feeling I’m never done. The list of chores never seems to get shorter. I’m flustered and it seems to influence my health. Healing from the whooping cough and bronchitis is taking forever! I really need to learn to manage my time!! I need to say ‘no‘ more often and make choices. 
time management should save time, not take time‘ ~ Craig Jarrow

          My time management skills are really underdeveloped / lousy. According to Craig I should       do the following:

o   plan my day
o   make a TODAY list
o   Get up 30 minutes earlier
o   Be early to appointments
o   Have a notebook
o   Rule my phone
o   Stay out of my Inbox
o   Clean my desk
o   Take a break
o   Don’t waste time complaining

Well I already manage 2 of the 10 skills. If I’m real truthful, maybe only one! If you want to know which ones, just leave a comment.  Now I only need to incorporate the other 8 or 9 in my life! Guess my team manager was right. Maybe I do need a coach to learn to manage my time (and life). Oops!

A colleague said she got one of the books by Brené Brown as a gift. Her friend said she should let go of who you think you are supposed to be and embrace who you are. Her friend said she really should read the book. I’m talking about the book: the gifts of imperfection. 

Well my colleague said I should read this too. According to her I should embrace myself more. She hadn’t read the book yet but according to her maybe I could learn something from it, LOL. I'm embarrassed to say (write) that I’ve had this book in my digital bookcase for 3 years. We have decided to read this book together and learn to accept our imperfections and embrace being ‘ourselves’, and in my case being ‘me’.

Helen, the slow quiltmaker


Maureen said...

Enjoyed your post. Beautiful DJ blocks. I'm slowly progressing with mine. I've listed to Brene Brown online. Didn't know she had a book. Thanks for the info. She is awesome.

ruthsplace said...

Lovely to see you blogging again. I'm also a slow quilter who needs to embrace the imperfect...