Saturday, 18 October 2014

Saturday Bee

Walking this morning to Laura’s Quilt Atelier I have to admit I don’t appreciate Amersfoort as much as I maybe should. The historical medieval city centre has been well-preserved and can definitely compete with other cities, like for example Ghent. You are most probably wondering why I’m comparing Amersfoort with Ghent. Well that was where I was at the beginning of this week. More about that in an other post.


2014-10-18 09.17.00


2014-10-18 09.17.36


2014-10-18 09.18.12

Krommestraat / Havik

2014-10-18 09.18.55


2014-10-18 09.19.05

2014-10-18 09.19.12


2014-10-18 09.20.17

Quilt Atelier!

2014-10-18 09.21.08

2014-10-18 09.29.44

Sorry slightly blurry photo, not focused.

2014-10-18 09.30.16

It was someone’s birthday tomorrow so we received this lovely treat. 

2014-10-18 09.34.02

The Di Ford Mystery Quilt!

2014-10-18 09.40.31

2014-10-18 09.51.30 

  2014-10-18 09.51.43  2014-10-18 09.51.37

The Hearts and Flower Quilt by Rosemary2014-10-18 09.52.46

        2014-10-18 09.55.24 2014-10-18 09.55.34

The other quiltmakers!

2014-10-18 09.56.25

After all the quiltmakers showed their works, Laura showed her progress. 

2014-10-18 09.58.25

I love the colors of the quilt underneath. Another project that Laura is working on. 

2014-10-18 09.58.59

Look at this lovely machine stitching. If I’m correct this is done by a Sashiko Quilting machine.  

2014-10-18 10.00.05

Well this is what I did in those 2 hours I was there! I cut squares to make pinwheel blocks for my ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ stitchery quilt. 

2014-10-18 13.38.48

To trigger your memory, here are some old pictures.

2014-08-30 15.59.03 2014-07-27 20.17.16 2014-08-17 19.40.14

Laura found this on her last trip to the States. A mouse in a box. Had to share

2014-10-18 11.13.46 2014-10-18 11.14.04 2014-10-18 11.13.59

Walking back to the parking garage – a multi-storey car park – I first have to walk through the Muurhuizen again.

2014-10-18 11.43.50

2014-10-18 11.44.57


2014-10-18 11.51.30

De OLV tower2014-10-18 11.53.28

I popped in the  VitaminStore on the way back to the parking garage. Had to get some Magnesium & Fish Oil tablets. You can also get all sorts of healthy shakes & smoothies. I had this green drink!

2014-10-18 12.02.44

Isn’t Amersfoort a lovely town? I had a great time and I’m going to do my best, Laura, and finish some pinwheels before the next bee.

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ruthsplace said...

Thanks for sharing your walks around town. I love seeing your scenery and buildings. It looks like your group is making some wonderful things too.