Friday, 9 May 2014

Last quilt class for this quilt season 2013-2014

From September till June we have our quilt season in Europe. Or is that only in the Netherlands? Within this period we have our classes and workshops.  Last Wednesday I had my last quilt class for this season. I’m always a little apprehensive after the last class as this means I now have to rely on ‘me’ to get some quilting done in the next 4 months. I have to find and plan ‘time’. I never seem to be able to create time to sit down and just pick up one of my WIP’s and work on them for a while. The primary reason – I have so many others things that take up my time. But I have some hope for the future – that my time issue will be solved. I’m really hoping that my summer break – 6 weeks of having nothing planned – will enable me to get my quilt MOJO back and get something done.

Not going away for a vacation this year. Six week that I’m pottering in and around our home. So in 9 weeks time, I should be able to continue with Tess her quilt, the Dear Jane, and Jane’s Garden. Wouldn’t it be great if I have sometime left to continue with all those others WIP’s?

But back onto the subject of my last quilt class last Wednesday. I’m busy learning how to do a ‘quick’ Trapunto. Don’t really know why we use the work ‘quick’ here, as you most probably know by now I’m not making much progress quickly. But you won’t hear me complain as I really enjoy learning this new technique. I’m sure I can apply it to some of my other ‘projects’.

A reminder of what I did during the first class in March.

photo 08

Cutting away the unnecessary extra batting.  

photo 07

Last Wednesday I cut-out an extra layer batting. Impressive, don’t you think? Can’t wait to put on the backing and start quilting.


Eventually it should look like something like this. This is the teacher’s sampler.

photo 09

My classmates – the other quiltmakers – are a little further along then me, but than again they didn’t miss a class like me. Sadly, I had to give the class in April a miss. Instead, due to some health issues, I was able to experience a ride in one of these that evening.

After the consultation by a paramedic, who came on one of these, yes a fully fitted motorcycle.

I now know how it feels to be transported on a mobile stretcher in an ambulance. Not real comfortable! But not a bad experience. The ambulance nurses (paramedics) were real nice and good looking. A nice distraction from the distress I was experiencing.  It was nice and a little funny to be greeted by the ER personnel as if they knew me.  To be truthful, one or two, did. Anyway, after a thorough check-up I was discharged after 4 hours. A little disillusioned as they weren’t able to find the cause of my symptoms. After some clinical reasoning on my part and getting some insight on the results of my blood tests I can say I’ve fixed/tackled the problem myself. Added a little more potassium to my diet. I now only need to figure out why my potassium levels were so low in April and why this happens every so often.

So this explains why my fellow classmates are a little further along, as you can see here




During this last class – some other projects were shown to.




A tradition in this class is to give the teacher a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Our way of thanking her for a great quilt season.


Thankfully I’ve got a lot of summer bee’s to look forward to as well as my 6-week summer break.


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