Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happiness can grow – diamonds have healing powers!

Four years ago I bought a ring to remind me that everything has an up-side and that there is always hope for better times. The redundancy that turned my life, my career, upside down had an up-side. I received an large redundancy payout for the many years I was employed. A little was used to invest in a diamond ring. Why? I believed it would heal me. The diamond ring I bought, can grow! Every time I came into some money, I invested a little in the ring. As I have been made redundant twice past 4 years, luck was on my side although I didn’t see it that way. Two years ago – I was able to let it grow again and yesterday I made it grow a little more. The reminder that things can only get better has proven its worth.

Look at this beauty.

photo 2

Happiness can really grow – if you believe it.

photo 3

It also helps that I got some extra money for my birthday this year. Turning 50 has some advantages too. This is the third upgrade. 


I love this (new) ring. From my perspective, the diamond is huge. A funny coincidence – a diamond is also my birthstone. A diamond symbolizes power, strength, brilliance and unparalleled beauty. Diamonds are also believed to be a healing stone. Well it worked. I’m pretty content with my life (and my ring).

Some might have noticed, but I wear two rings. The other ring symbolizes my infinite curiosity in research and people. I got this ring when I got my PhD.

Both have become my lucky charms.

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Ineke van den Akker said...

Hallo Helen,
Ik vond jou op mijn eigen blog. Bericht van 2 jaar geleden. Wat heerlijk dat je op onze Bee bij Laura bent gekomen. Nooit meer weggaan!!!
veel liefs,
Ineke van den Akker