Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quilt Bee

The quilters in this Bee are amazing!  Although some are not always quilting. There are now one or two who are crocheting too.

This quilt is finished and waiting for the little baby girl to be born.


Some of the quilters in this bee, busy, busy bee’s.


I’ve finally started on the vase! Slow, slow, progress. Snail slow!


A Christmas wall-hanging quilt nearly completed.


A pink crochet blanket for a baby girl!

IMG_4126 Another picture of the group


A appliqué block. Yes, the pattern from the apliquick workshop, with some alterations in the design!




Monday, 17 February 2014

New Quilt group

My quilt teacher, Aagje, has been away for a while due to health issues. So in January I was informed that my normal Thursday class would be cancelled. This meant I had to look for an other group I could join. Thankfully there was still a free slot in a Monday evening group.

The nice thing when you switch classes is that you meet new quilters. It always amazes me how different every quilter is and how different the quilts they make turn-out.

Here are some of their works.

A huge quilt – using fabrics from old men’s shirts.


A quilt in progress. Dutch fabrics surrounding a centre block of a farmhouse.


Another quilter is designing her own quilt. Wow, hope to see it sometime.


One of the other quiltmakers is making this quilt – Girls Day Out, by Libby Richardson.



A finished quilt


Another quilter is making a Dear Jane, too. She has nearly completed another border. Won’t show my progress LOL


I finally sewn all the stems on the background fabric for this  Jane’s Garden Quilt – a Di Ford Hall design.


Maybe I should start calling myself a snail quilter! My progress is really slow but I like the result so far! Did you see the picture in the previous post of the finished quilt. It will be absolutely awesome.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Creative sewing class

I’ve been away from blogging for some time. This is mainly because of my new job. Learning to teach is taking up a lot of my time. I miss writing and sharing my roving thoughts. Still I’m pretty sure I will get back to it once I’ve created a little more balance in my NEW career.

You most probably also thought I didn’t do much quilting. But here I proof you wrong. I have found some time to do some stitching. Lucky me, I have 3 moments – time slots – that are reserved for quilting every month. I really hope to create some more time (in the future) for quilting but I’m happy with these ‘moments’ I’ve got.

Here are some works of other quilters in this class.

One of my classmates is getting her first granddaughter. She is so happy to be able to make girly quilts after having made 2 quilts for her other grandsons.



Pink, pink, fabric flowers.


IMG_4036 Sewing kit






I’m continuing with Jane’s Garden – a Di Ford design.


This is what it will look like when it – ever – gets finished.

Janes Garden Quilt_DiFordHall quilt