Saturday, 7 December 2013

Creative Quiltmakers

I’m slacking in my blogging. I will return to write more frequently, just not yet. For those who have been following me for some time. I would like you to know I’m really happy. Haven’t felt so content for a long time. Love my new job!

Thought I would share some photos of one of the quilt classes I attend.

Remember Jane's Garden, one of Di Ford's designs? I received this kit when doing a workshop with Di Ford at Pour 'l Amour du Fil in Nantes last April. See the little stem on the right. That was what I had sewn during the class. Not much, I must admit. Did have enough time to cut-out the fabric and get everything prepared so that I could finally start 7 months later Blushing


Jannie is making this wall hanging for one of her grandchildren.



Some of the quiltmakers in this class want to make this quilt. I would love to make it too, but as you all know I have enough UFO’s. I’m being wise and not create another one Big Grin


Jannie is still deciding on which colours she wants to include in this quilt. Will she add some red fabrics? Can’t wait to find out.


This is a picture of Matty and our interim quilt teacher, Jobina. Matty is a real quiltmaker. Here she is showing us all the projects she is busy with.




Wow!!! Love this one.


A close-up of this Ohio star quilt.


The backing of another quilt Matty is making.


This is the front of this quilt nearly finished.


Mirjam has decided she will start quilting this feathered star quilt she made some years ago. Another stunning quilt.


Here Mirjam and Jobina are discussing which quilt pattern to use for this quilt.


Matty is quilting this small quilt.


And now some pictures of my project. At the moment I’m the slowcoach in the group. Love working on Jane’s Garden. I love appliqué. I also love using this thread.


I bought my own appliqué thread donuts!! The appliqué thread on the bobbin above is one of the bobbins I lent from Mirjam.

Making some progress!


I added a picture of the end result. As you can see, I still have a long way to go before I can show you my end result (lol). Appliqué is slow tedious process.

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