Friday, 13 December 2013

Another quilt class


Here is me working on Jane’s Garden in another quilt group I attend.

I undid my work as I thought I wasn’t being neat and precise enough in my stitching. Some of my readers who know me personally will be laughing now when they read this. Not precise enough? In some ways, I am a perfectionist (lol).




Decided to re-post some of the pictures of the workshop I attended in Nantes last April. Here is Di Ford telling us how to make this appliqué quilt.


This is how my centre block will look like once it is finished.  Than I still have to sew lots of blocks to make it into a quilt. Even Di didn’t have enough time before this workshop to complete her quilt, shown below. So I guess I’m not the only one that doesn’t have enough time to do all the things that needs to be done.


Close-up. I love it, I love it!!!


Delicious fabrics. So lucky that Di Ford shared some of her fabrics with us. Very precious.


I still need to get one of these rulers! See picture below. It seems you can get them at any office supply shop. I used a one Euro cent to draw a circle for my flower bud during the class last week, but it is still too big. Will be removing the flower bud that I’ve already sewn on and first get one of these rulers before I continue Batting Eyelashes


Another close-up of the original. Going a little crazy now – I really love these appliqué quilts. When will I have more time to work on these projects? Lucky me, I now can look forward to having 10 weeks off every year. That is 70 days!!! That is the upside of working at a University of Applied Sciences, I guess (lol). I should be able to manage to do some quilting in those weeks, you would think.




Here is Di signing my book! My birthday present from hubby.


signed copy_primarily Quilts

What a great time I had in Nantes. So glad I had the opportunity to go to this workshop.


Elaine said...

I applaud your beautiful precise work. I'm not one who loves hand sewing so I am in awe of those who do! The fabrics are rich and vibrant and it will be a stunning block!!


ruthsplace said...

Your project is going to be wonderful.
10 weeks is a lot of time off.I hope you get lots of quilting done!

Sue said...

Glad to see your working on your Janes Garden. Mine s slow too.