Sunday, 20 October 2013

Progress on Xmas Stitchery

Christmas is approaching fast! Only 65 more sleeps. This stitchery quilt won’t be finished this Christmas but I’m having lots of fun imagining how it will look when it does.






Started on the left panel. If you really concentrate you can see the pattern that I draw (copied) on the fabric.


This is how it will look once it is finished.


I’m still deciding whether I will make the same centre quilt as in this pattern or that I’m going to make my own design. I’m also still searching for the right fabric. I know there are a lot of red and green fabrics out there, even special themed Christmas fabrics,  but I haven’t found anything that suits my taste. Not to worry, I first need to finish that left panel. I’ve got all the time in the world to find that special RED and GREEN fabric for the centre quilt and borders.


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