Sunday, 20 October 2013

OEQC Veldhoven 2013

Saturday, the 19th was the first day of my autumn break. I drove to Veldhoven in my little VW Up.


Here it is looking nice and shiny. I’m afraid, after my drive down to Veldhoven it returned looking a little less shiny. Won’t post a picture in its current state. I saw on the faces of some people that they were amazed how fast I flew past them. This little Up is fast! A very big Mercedes, I’m sure my Up would fit nicely on the back seat and there would be still room for someone else, wasn’t that happy. The driver had to show me that his car was faster, and superior. That put a big smile on my face, I can tell you. That was what he saw when he looked in his rear-view mirror.


I arrived one minute earlier in Veldhoven than Mirjam. Considering where we both live, it was easier to drive separately. I had just parked my car and there she was. She was able to park her car next to mine. What is the chance for something like that to happen?

Here is my impression of this quilt exhibit.







There were lots more quilts there, but I'm more of a traditionalist quiltmaker and not into Art Quilts, so my eye (camera) wasn’t focussed on the many projects that were on display by textile artists.  

It might only be me, but there weren’t as many quilts on display as there were at previous OEQC’s. Or is my memory playing tricks?

I bought these 2 necklaces from the booth vendor from Kashmir Heritage. Not the best picture, but you get the idea.


A close-up. This is my kind of necklace! Love it!


Maybe I should ask hubby to take a picture! It is really hard to take a picture of yourself with an iPhone. My arms are too short (lol).

I also bought this book!


And saw this quilt at the QuiltMania booth


As you may gather, I had to buy it. I have been admiring this book from afar for a while. The temptation was too great to resist.

Naturally bumped into some people we knew. I even bumped into my new colleague, who happens to be a quilter too.

I had myself a great afternoon.

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