Monday, 2 September 2013

the virtues of a good long walk

I had to share this article by Arianna Huffington.

‘the benefits of getting up and walking go beyond our health. A 2010 study shows that walking three times a week at one's own natural pace for 40 minutes increases brain connectivity and cognitive performance and helps combat the effects of age’.

Love this quote: "Writing is one way of making the world our own, and... walking is another." ~ Geoff Nicholson

You can find the article here.

May need to re-evaluate my view on walking and just start walking (again).

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quiltingmieke said...

dag Helen,

ik kom op jeblog terecht op zoek naar een dear jane wall, ik zie dat op jouw jane blog er eentje staat,
heb je die layout nog in je bezit en zou je hem met me willen delen?

ik ben net gestart zoals je kan zien op mijn blog,

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alvast bedankt

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