Sunday, 22 September 2013

1e Quilt bee of the autumn season

We had a little get together last Thursday. It was time for a Quilt Bee. Yvonne initiated this bee and the ones planned in the next coming months. It was a fun evening! It was great to see everyone again after a very quiet quilt summer – at least for me. I was also able to admire all the works of the other quiltmakers. I love ‘show & tell’. There are some impressive works to see. 


Isn’t the quilting, awesome?


I wasn’t the only one admiring the tiny stitches.


The back of the quilt is just as beautiful as the front.


Another quilt done by Yvonne!


This quilt is coming along nicely! Jannie has also started quilting.



Here is a close-up of my ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ stitchery quilt. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could finish the top before Christmas? Yes, I mean this Christmas. The one in 93 days!!! I can then quilt all of 2014 so that this quilt can lay under our Christmas tree in December 2014. The challenges, I set myself Happy


This block is part of a big quilt that will tell the story of Sinterklaas. Also known as De Goedheiligman (The Good Holy Man), Sint Nicolaas (Saint Nicholas) or simply as De Sint (The Saint). He is celebrated annually on Saint Nicholas' eve on the 5th of December. Can’t wait to see the other blocks. I’m sure you are curious too.


Lots of quilting going on!



Another stitchery project.


Yvonne made this baby shower gift. How cute is this?

Close-up! Can you see the little mice?


In the picture underneath, you can see a close-up of ‘the delivery stork carrying a baby’. Storks are large, long-legged, long-necked wading birds with long, stout bills. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. By the way - where does the delivery stork myth originate from? So far as I know, they use storks because they represent fertility, springtime and good luck?


Another close-up! The detail is impressive. The baby crib has a pillow and a baby blanket. Can you see it?

We had also a mystery guest. Tineke, came along and visited her old quilt group. This is the quilt top she is working on. Tineke, also came along as she needed some advice on the fabric to use for the border and backing. There were some enthusiastic quiltmakers who didn’t hold back.  


We will see, if she will follow-up on their advice Happy

Looking forward to our next Bee!

Flow – the secret to happiness

It has been a while! The main reason for not blogging the past weeks is because of my new job. You could say I’m still finding my way. One thing is becoming clear, I love teaching and the interaction with the students. I’m definitely being challenged. I love being in this learning zone. Being able to observe, experiment, compare, learn, & enjoy. Love being challenged by the unknown, unfamiliar and even getting unexpected feedback. Every class session is unpredictable and I’m now getting to the stage that I’m challenged further to take some risks & experiment.

It will therefore take me a little more time to get (back) into my flow zone.

In 1975, the Hungarian psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi outlined his theory of ‘Flow’ in his seminal work: ‘Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience’. He defined it as ‘‘the holistic experience that people feel when they act with total involvement.’’ When in the flow state, people become absorbed in their activity, narrowing their awareness to the activity itself, making them lose self-consciousness and feel in control of their environment.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got this book somewhere in my bookcase.

I’ve stumbled on happiness again. People seem to see it and feel it, when they look at me. I know by now that I won’t be able to hold onto this state forever, but I’m really hoping I can hold onto it for a little while longer.

I’ve learned that outside of my comfort zone is where the magic happens. Because life holds special magic for those who dare to dream.

Do you dare to dream and find the magic?

I’m glad I changed my situation and that I’m being challenged again.


Monday, 2 September 2013

the virtues of a good long walk

I had to share this article by Arianna Huffington.

‘the benefits of getting up and walking go beyond our health. A 2010 study shows that walking three times a week at one's own natural pace for 40 minutes increases brain connectivity and cognitive performance and helps combat the effects of age’.

Love this quote: "Writing is one way of making the world our own, and... walking is another." ~ Geoff Nicholson

You can find the article here.

May need to re-evaluate my view on walking and just start walking (again).

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Quilt market

Quilt market is always a sign that the new quilt season is starting! Lots of quilt inspiration, look at all the quilts in the collages underneath of this post, and you can buy fabric at a discount to encourage you to start with a new project.

As many know, I have so many WIP’s that I’m certain I can keep myself busy till my retirement and still have patterns and fabrics left in my stash.

I’m not going to start with a new project this year. I’m kind of hoping to get some projects a little further along. I’m enjoying the progress of finishing another quilt (top).

Here is an impression of some of the projects on display at the quilt cellar (Quiltkelder) in Putten.




I was also able to visit the lecture given by Rieteke Hoogendoorn. She designs her own quilts using the Scriptures as inspiration.