Sunday, 25 August 2013


Friday was one of the last trips to Zutphen this year.

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I parked in my usual spot! And when you get out of the car, you see this: the Sint Walburgis Church. This is one of the largest and oldest churches in the city and dates from the eleventh century. I love Zutphen! Did you know that Zutphen has one of the best preserved medieval town centres of North-Western Europe? 


The two spires of the Sint Walburgis Church


The Drogenapstoren build in 1444-1446. It functioned as the south city gate for a short while when Zutphen was still a fortified town.


See the bronze statue on your right in the picture below? That is Thonis Drogenap statue, made by Oscar Rambonnet and placed there in 1999. 


We had a look in the shop ‘de Pelikaan’. I however forgot to buy some coffee, when we were unable to find a table to have lunch, and left to go find another lunchroom.


Walked through the courtyard with almshouses. Yes, ‘het oude bornhof’ which is located very near Petra Prins Patchwork & quilt shop. I’m sure you have seen some other pictures I’ve posted. But these ones show another view.



Lunch at Gasterij De Gracht. I would never have found this place if I wasn’t with Mirjam.


A smiling quiltmaker! A friend who I’ve known for 26 years! How great to share this interest for quilting.


Getting some fabric at Petra Prins Patchwork & Quilt shop. Kris helped me decide how much fabric I might need for one of my little side projects!


And than the sad news! Because of my induction for my new vocation, I’ve had to decide to drop-out of the Dear Jane Group. I wanted to inform Bep & Gerda myself. Sadly, Bep & Gerda were not in the shop Friday, so I asked Kris if she would pass on the message.

I expect to be very busy in my new job the next 3 months. As I’m taking the train to get to work, Zutphen is no longer very accessible for me. This means I would not be able to join the club on the following Fridays: 27th of September, 25th of October, 22nd of November or the 20th of December. You now know there is a spot/vacancy if you are interested. Just contact Bep or Gerda to see if you can join.

Without the inspiration of the other Janiacs, I will have to find the motivation another way to continue with my baby Dear Jane. Would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions how to motivate myself when you continue on by yourself.

A picture of a block in progress. You can read more about E5 – Rising Star, here.


A picture of some blocks that I have finished. Can you see them on top of the quilt top?


End of summer bee

It is becoming a tradition to get together on a Thursday night for a quilt bee!

A Christmas quilt


I bought my ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ – stitchery – to the bee


We had coffee and ‘cream puffs’ (= Soesjes).


Another stitchery


There is one quilter in our midst who is the lucky owner of this Aurifil Thread kit. I was drooling!! 


A quilt top in progress

A creative appliqué block in progress


A visitor! A very curious little kitten. Inspection time!


There is actually a quilter in our midst this evening who is quilting.


‘’Oops, didn’t notice that I did that row twice’’! Guess who will be undoing some of her work?




Another inspection!


‘’This is fun! Look at all the attention I’m getting’’ (thinks the little kitten).


Trying some cream from one of the cream puffs. ‘’I’m having a great evening with these quilters’’. ‘’When will we do this again?’’ (thinks this little kitten).


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

E5 – Rising Star

I’m slowly getting my mojo back for the Dear Jane. It also helps, that the weather is a little cooler. Here are some pictures of my progress with making E5.

The most difficult part of this block is the preparation. In my first attempt I didn’t take into account that I had to cut the pieces in mirror image. This is my second attempt!


Tedious work. It takes forever cutting all these small pieces to make this block.


Nearly there.


My new 6” Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors.


This looks right. I can finally start sewing all the pieces together.


First corner block done!




The right hand corner is sewn together. Only the other 3 corners to do!