Sunday, 7 July 2013

Zoë’s quilt is finished!!

After 7 years I finally finished Zoë's Quilt! It survived the washing machine & dryer. I was able to gift-wrap a clean and dry quilt Saturday morning 6th of July 2013.

Re-cap of the past couple of days. Got the binding ready.


Sewing the binding on. Yes, using the sewing machine Happy


I like the fabric choice of the binding! It really makes the quilt come alive.


The Wonder Clips from Clover are great. Using them for the first time ever, although I have purchased them sometime ago.


Sewing on the binding is not easy on the fingers. Using ThimblePad ® Leather Adhesives made the sewing less painful. You can get them here or at your favourite quilt shop. I think they are a great invention. You can use one pad again and again, so don’t worry about the price. I used one for sewing on 670 metres of binding Winking. There are 12 in a pack.


These are the other notions, scissors, needle, thread and the iPhone.  


The last 60 centimetres!!!


The finished result. For the non-quilters, this is the backside of the quilt.


A photo of the quilt in the Bear Chair.


Washed and folded


Zoë (on your right) with her best friend wrapped in her quilt.


All smiles!

However, I’m wondering if it will hold up on the wear and tear of everyday use. It is kind of funny that I have to admit that I didn’t expect that it would be used. In a couple of hours I saw it being used as a towel, as a blanket and laying all crunched up on the floor. Guess who is not used to kids Blushing

This is the last post on Zoë’s quilt. Don’t worry, the next order has already been submitted. My other niece, Tess, would like to have a new quilt. She’s outgrown her baby quilt (lol). Which was my first completed project 7 years ago. Guess you don’t know, but Zoë’s quilt is only my third completed quilt.


FabricandFlowers said...

Looks like the quilt is already loved!Making memories....she'll remember when she got a quilt of her own.

Anonymous said...

Wat een leuke foto van Zoë en Tess!
Zo te zien hebben ze veel plezier met je quilt.

leonie said...

Wat een leuke quilt is dat geworden! Fijn dat -ie ook goed gebruikt wordt.

suz said...

Congratulations on completing this quilt! It's a wonderful quilt for a little girl and it will be well-loved. I do know what you mean, though. I remember seeing the quilt I made my great-niece being used as a tent, a sleeping bag for dolls and a saddle for the dog! My niece assured me that it washed like a dream...and it was meant to be used...I keep telling myself!

ruthsplace said...

It's fabulous! I have a hand quilted quilt that survived a toddler just fine. I'm sure your quilt will wear well.