Sunday, 14 July 2013

Enjoying the summer!

I’m slowing down! That’s the beauty of this situation. Then one of the prime devices that keeps me connected to the world decides that it was time to slow down a little more and enjoy the ‘present’.

My PC has been infected by a bug. Silly me, thought I would be kind and answer the questionnaire that Firefox popped-up on my screen. It really looked like the genuine thing, but I was wrong. Hubby has been busy with my PC since Friday. Getting a little frustrated as the malware really dug itself into my machine.


I love spring but I look forward to summer even more. It usually seems to go by way too quickly. I really try to hold onto the summer as long as I can, especially as our winters seems to get longer and longer the past 3 years.

We aren’t going away this year. We are breaking our routine. No memorable summer holiday away this year. We are staying home! Like many ‘others’ we need to live on a smaller budget these days. So this year no fancy vacations abroad.

Not to worry for I think this might be the best summer yet! After having no PC for 48 hours I’ve decided I’m going to shut down the computer as often as I can the next couple of weeks. Being online too much will distract me from enjoying this beautiful summer.

I’m not letting myself feel depressed over the things I can’t do this summer. Life might have been handing me lemons for quite some while but I won’t let my anger get the better off me. I’m focussing on all I CAN do. I’m letting myself find delight in small pleasures that ARE accessible to me this summer. One of those pleasure is this:



The coming weeks I’m also going to get creative and fill up my mind with information. I’ll be reading all those books I’ve wanted to read for a long time. I will be doing this at our ‘residence’ while basking in the sun. I’m going to learn not to feel guilty about setting aside time to enjoy a simple, unhurried, no pressured life. I’m might even get some more quilt projects a little further along.

Will my world really fall apart if I took a week or two off of the internet to play and soak up the summer in our backyard? Slowing down, is not frivolous or a wasted time at home. It is a way to refresh and renew my spirits and energy! The big question, will I be able to allow myself to slow down. Because slowing down means I will also have time to think about what is happening around me and ignoring the not so good things won’t be that easy. It is a lot easier when I let myself be distracted.

But I’m going to give it a try (real hard) and embrace a simple life.

And, if that doesn’t work

when life gives me more lemons, I will just make lemonade Smile


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suz said...

sounds like a perfect idea! enjoy yourself and relax - doesn't get better than that!