Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Quilts matter!

‘’They tell stories and illuminate our history.
They link generations and foster community.
They are one of the most universally recognized
American art forms’’.

Because I find the documentation of oral history important, I had to join the Quilt Alliance. Read more about this organisation here. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a Dutch Chapter? Do you think the Dutch Quiltersgilde would be interested to join this initiative? I’m sure there are some interesting stories from Dutch quiltmakers that we would love to hear, document and preserver for future generations.

As many of you know the main reason for my visit to Houston two years ago was to support and contribute to this initiative.  It also gave me a chance to visit the Quilt Festival Winking


I interviewed a couple of quilters for the Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our Stories project. Hundreds of Q.S.O.S. interviews and transcripts are archived at the Library of Congress American Folklife Centre. Check-out the Quilt Index here. You will find that some prominent Dutch quilters have been interviewed too, like Ted Storm and Henk van Kooten.

The administration booth!


Well guess who got interviewed too recently? Me! Yes, I’ve been interviewed about my experience as a interviewer for the Story Quarters, a quarterly journal of the Quilt Alliance.

The Story Quarters is a special publication for members only. So to see the full eNewsletter you need to become a member. Here is the link to the membership page. Will you become an individual member?  I do hope so.

I also want to encourage you to get involved. Volunteer for Q.S.O.S. as an interviewer or transcriber. Find out how to get started here: It is a great experience! And, lots of fun. Besides that, you meet great people who you might not have met otherwise. I really hope that I can help again sometime in the future.

You know me, I have to share the segment of the eNewsletter that contains my interview. 

Microsoft Word - Document4 Microsoft Word - Document4

Microsoft Word - Document4

Besides interviewing the above quiltermakers, I also interviewed Michelle Settle. 


If you click on this URL you can find out which other quiltmakers from Texas were interviewed for Q.S.O.S.

So will you get involved? Maybe you want to initiate a meeting with the Dutch Quiltersgilde? Love to hear from you, just leave a comment Happy.

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