Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Perigee full moon

Did you see the most ‘super ’supermoon of 2013?


Last Saturday night going to the bathroom around 2am I glanced outside the window and I saw it. A bright glowy light radiated from it. Absolutely awesome. This Rose Moon was wondrous.

Grrrr, it would have been a great photo moment but I was too groggy to go and fetch my camera. Only on hindsight I realized what I had seen. This night from the 22nd onto 23rd of June was special. 

See some pictures others took, here

The last time, and I missed that moment too, was two years ago.

It seems that I really saw something special. This full moon was the closest encounter with earth since donkey years. However, on August 10th, 2014 the moon will scant 5 kilometres closer to earth. I made a note in my diary so that I will be able to take a picture. Lets hope for clear skies Smile

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