Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nearly another project completed


Guess who has wrapped himself in Zoë’s Quilt? This is what happens when you spend nearly all your free time quilting and leaving the quilt on your chair for that well deserved break Hot


Love this photo of Teddy! I think it is a complement that he likes the quilt.

Well I’m nearly there!!! I only have to finish quilting the bottom square corner. About 35 x 35 centimetres.


As you can see in the next pictures, I’ve been quilting a lot! This has taken me nearly 4 years!




Looks like I can put on the binding real soon. So yesterday I decided to go to Utrecht, had to be there for another appointment anyway, and get myself some binding.

The walk from where I had to be first to Carol Cox Patchwork shop, took a little longer than I had anticipated. I now have some blisters on my toes! The chiropodist wasn’t impressed this morning. Walking along the Oudegracht isn’t easy walking when you are wearing heels. Most of the side walks are from cobblestones in Utrecht.

But this quilt shop is always worth your visit.




Sorry for the blurry photos, the above 2 photos were taken with my iPhone  Wink

This is the Kaffe Fassett fabric I choose for the binding. Yes, got some matching thread for sewing on the binding, too.


On the way back to the parking garage I came across Dille & Kamille, naturally I went in to have a quick look. Love this shop too. I bought this little wicker basket for my quilt notions! Couldn’r resist the temptation.


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