Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 3 – Pour l’Amour du Fil

It has been fantastic to be away. It was absolutely bliss being in Nantes. The last day was terrific. But before I starting telling you about it, I have to show what I also did. Yes, I made one flower and cut out the fabric for the second one!


This is a great little project to take with you. It doesn’t take up much room and when you have time, you can get started straight away. I got this pattern, at one of the workshops I attended in Houston in 2012. The pattern is for a mini Hexagon Doll Quilt ~ a Cindy Blackberg design. I got a stamp as well. I attend to make a big quilt using these hexagon flowers. Maybe I will use these mini blocks as a border around a Di Ford’s Broderie Perse block.

The day started by attending the lecture that was to be given by Brenda Papadakis, who documented and drafted the ‘mother’ quilt made by Jane Blakely Stickle. Sadly, Brenda, could not be there herself due to her ill health. Lucky for us, she was able to film a video.


A couple of the Dutch initiators of the Dear Jane fanclub in the Netherlands


Lots of people attending the lecture


The founders of fanclubs around the world - Caroline and Fernande in Belgium, Valérie in France, Julie in Australia, Hanne in Norway, Fiona in Great Britain, Els and Joes in The Netherlands, Brigitte in Germany, Brenda Roumie, Theresa, Barb and Florine in the United States – were present at the lecture.


Brenda Roumie. Wishing I had her hair.


A baby Dear Jane


Received a collectors item. A Dear Jane 150th Anniversary pin.


After the lecture, we went back to Di Ford’s Maison, as Mirjam had also bought her book and wanted it to be signed.

Naturally I had to take some better pictures of some of the quilts. The previous day there were so many people in her booth that I was unable to take a good picture of some of the quilts on display Crying








At the beginning of the vendors lane, Petra Prins had her booth. I think they will be driving back with empty cars. Every time I passed this booth, either Gerda, Bep or Petra were cutting more fabric. I’m sure they were sold out at the end of Saturday.


Busy, busy, but not as busy as Wednesday & Thursday.


Mirjam, loves this quilt, so I had to take a picture of it. Who knows, maybe this will be one of her new projects.


Mirjam bought me a present for my birthday at one of the booths. Lucky me! By the way, I only got the kit! Still need to find time to sew it all together, before it looks like this Hot


After our walk for the last time along the lanes of the vendor booths, we met up with Linda Collins and her groupies for lunch!

Here are Ellen and Martine with Linda.


Françoise and Randi


Linda and Mary Koval


The whole group! Yes, I was there too Party


After lunch, these designers showed their published works.


The antique quilt shown in the picture above and underneath is owned by Linda and the pattern can be found in Quiltmania Special Spring Issue.

Having fun, in the middle of the hall!


I’m drooling!



Back to Mary Koval’s booth for some show & tell. Linda showed us the antique quilts she bought.


Sorry, I can’t post any pictures of them. Hopefully you will come across one of them in the near future when it gets published in Quiltmania. Linda already knows she will be drafting at least one of the quilts for a future issue.

After Show & Tell Mary captured our attention by telling us some of the things she has learned in the past 40 years about antique quilts and fabrics. I was captivated.


Her vast knowledge on the subject blows my mind away. Mary was also tempting me to visit her. I think it would be great to go to one of her retreats and learn more from her. Did you know that the colour used says a lot about the period that the fabric was printed? Here is a reproduction, designed by Mary herself.


What a great way to end the last day in Nantes. It was great meeting Linda and Mary again. It was especially great meeting Ellen, Martine, Randi and Françoise. Wondering when and where I will meet these quilters again.

At the end of the day, Mirjam and I decided to have a light diner. But before we set down for our baguette and salad, we thought we better get our finances in order. Mirjam, doing the bookkeeping. Lots of receipts.


Table set! Diner time!





We had 3 great days in Nantes!

Early Saturday morning we left to go back home. I got back home at 5pm after leaving at 8am. Mirjam, had another hour to travel before she could put her feet up and relax.


ruthsplace said...

Aha! I see you have succumbed to hexagons, be warned, they are addictive.

I love that quilt that Mirjam loved too. Do you know who the designer was, it's so much fun.

Bed, breakfast en quilts said...

where to start??? they are all beautiful.

Sue said...

Great photo's and sorry I didn't get to talk with you in person. We seem to be moving in the same circles and had a lovely class with Di Ford.

Enjoy making your Di Ford quilt. I will follow your blog so I don't miss out on your progress.

suz said...

looks like you had a wonderful time. I keep a box of hexies in my car - when I'm waiting for the drive up teller at the bank or to get coffee - I can get one or two hexies pieced - they add up quickly! Those quilts you photographed take my breath away! Wow!