Saturday, 23 March 2013

Update on Zoë’s quilt

Well I think I will surprise some people, especially my sister & Zoë (my niece), when they see I’ve picked up the quilt and am quilting again.





This quilt makes me smile! Happy colours, bright colours! Love this Kaffe Fassett fabric range. This quilt consists primary of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I think you will only find one exception (fabric from another designer). I have to admit that these fabrics are at least 7 years old, maybe even older Winking. I started on this quilt 7 years ago, I finished the top about 5 years ago and started quilting it a little later. I love quilting this quilt. I just can’t seem to finish!

I have to confess that I first had to dust off some of dust before I could start today! 


Berna said...

Wow Helen, de laatste loodjes. Even doorzetten nog. Succes en groetjes.

VikiVictoria said...

Curious to know that that gadget is next to your thimble

ruthsplace said...

The quilting is fabulous Helen. Love the colours too.