Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dear Jane Quilt Group

Winter in Zutphen. For those who go regularly to Zutphen know by now where I park my car Smile




Most of the snow was gone, some patches were still a little slippery, but I got there. 

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LZ is showing here finished Dear Jane top. It has been sandwiched. Most of you know that LZ is a pseudonym. Here sister has also completed her Dear Jane top and has started with the quilting. Visit her blog, here.


It is a stunning quilt. When I see a finished Dear Jane, my fingers start itching, a urge I can’t suppress, it is a incentive to keep on going. Thanks LZ for sharing!

Underneath another quilter quilting her top.


The Janiacs!


Me working on J-7! I nearly finishing the first tiny little block within the ~ Chicken Tracks block.


Completed the first row of the J-7


Went home earlier than usual, because of the cramps in my stomach. How hard I tried to ignore it, it wouldn’t go away.

On the way home I stopped at the alpaca farm. Wanted to photograph some alpacas in the snow. Sadly for me, they were in the barn. The farmer must have thought it was too cold for them. At that time, 5pm, it was about -5°C degrees. I think the alpacas were happy Hot and me too as I really wanted to lay down.

When I got home, I tucked myself underneath my KooZzzie Lounge Blanket and picked up my Kindle to finish reading my book. Slowly my tummy cramps subsided. I can’t imagine anything better!  

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