Monday, 21 January 2013

Chicken Tracks & pumpkin soup

Making progress! I sometimes wonder how they thought up the names of these baby Jane's. I read somewhere that Brenda Manges Papadakis and here students working on the first Dear Jane thought them up.

Hoping to see Brenda from afar in Nantes. And who knows I might even meet her in person. Yes, she is coming to Pour ‘l Amour du Fil. Brenda is the author of the book "Dear Jane". Amazing that there might be 107.000 Dear Jane replica’s, as that is how many books she has sold. Maybe there are even more out there, as I do know of some quilters who are making a second one. And, I’m sure there are some quilters out there who borrowed the book from someone they know. So now I’m pondering on how many Dear Jane’s in progress there are and how many are finished.

Brenda is one of the guests on the 150th anniversary of the famous Jane Stickle’s Quilt. There will also be a quilt show in Nantes with more than one hundred Dear Jane quilts from all over the world! I’m curious if the original will be there too.

I’ve got the book but also the software

I use the software for my templates for all the blocks.

Here is my block in progress.


For my breaks, I was busy making pumpkin soup.


It turned out pretty good and it tasted lovely.


This version has Granny Smiths, the apple, in it, and curry spices and coconut milk. Yummy! I love pumpkin soup.

Three rows completed. Nearly there!


The end result! By now it was dark, as you can see by the light from the lamp Open-mouthed



Berna said...

Hoi Helen, de blokjes worden er gestaag steeds meer. Hoeveel heb je er inmiddels?
Rustig doorgaan en uiteindelijk is hij gewoon klaar.

Teresa said...

I love this quilt . I have bought the book and rules and i will begin it hen i finish some of my presents works. Your dear jean is wonderful.

Anja said...

Mooi hoor, die piepkleine stukjes!
Een heel gepriegel, maar dat wordt juist het mooist vind ik altijd.