Wednesday, 19 December 2012

In limbo

I’m somewhere between here and there. Limbo refers to the state of being while awaiting an action of getting somewhere else. The aftermath of bankruptcy, dismissal and looking for a new career is a tough slog. It’s like a long hangover. It feels like I’m lost/forgotten and can’t shake of this emotion.

Having lost my MOJO and trying to redefine myself is one of the hardest endeavours I have enfaced. Reality, I’m not there where I want to be. I’m lost as I’m realizing I wouldn’t know if I was ‘there’. I’m neither happy or sad, thus I’m joyreus.

The book which the reader now holds in his hands, from one end to the other, as a whole and in its details, whatever gaps, exceptions, or weaknesses it may contain, treats of the advance from evil to good, from injustice to justice, from falsity to truth, from darkness to daylight, from blind appetite to conscience, from decay to life, from bestiality to duty, from Hell to Heaven, from limbo to God. Matter itself is the starting-point, and the point of arrival is the soul.Victor Hugo quote.

I hope this explains my writer’s blog Embarrassed and my absence.  I’ve lost the ability to produce new work (posts). Writer's Block is more than just a mentality. Under stress, a human brain will "shift control from the cerebral cortex to the limbic system". The limbic system is associated with the instinctual processes, such as "fight or flight" response. Because I’m primarily thinking in instinctual (learned) behaviours, creative processes are hindered.

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Judith said...

Mooi technocratisch verhaal, prima analyse, maar waar is de helen in dit geheel? Wat heb jij nodig? Waar pak jij ruimte voor jou? Waar is helen? Ik lees jouw blog nu ruim 11/2 jaar en al die tijd ben je opzoek naar jezelf. Doe je wel wat je doen wilt of zijn andere belangen belangrijker? Status, auto, kleding, werk? Verlies jij jezelf niet in al die activiteiten? Veel vragen heb ik altijd wanneer ik jouw blog lees. Vervelend dat je zo moet worstelen, ik hoop dat je snel vindt wat je zoekt! Mijn allerbeste wensen voor jou Helen voor 2013, dat het met recht Helen's jaar worden mag! Fijne avond, dag