Sunday, 23 December 2012

Dear Jane bee

I think the photos speak for themselves. Lots of fog on the way to Zutphen.







Nearly there! Had to walk from where my car was parked to the shop. Isn’t this a typical Dutch scene? A bicycle leaning against the windowsill.  Side view of Petra Prins Quiltshop.


Inside the shop. Where is everyone?


I was the last one to get there, and I had 3 minutes to spare Smile. There was a surprise waiting for me and the others. Bep & Gerda had invited a mystery guest, Joes, one of the first quilters in the Netherlands to make the Dear Jane. She came to tell us a little more about the Dear Jane, her trip to Bennington and Shaftsbury in Vermont (USA) and show us the one she had made herself. By the way, she is looking for other Dear Jane quilts made by Dutch quiltmakers for the quilt show in Nantes. For information, visit her blog here.


It seems that the civil war fabrics I’m using were not as readily available in 2000-2001. How things can change in 12 years time.


Another baby Jane nearly done!!


Helen, the quiltmaker, showing another finished block.


The photographer had to take a picture of the block she finished Eye-rolling. This is one of the last blocks for this quilt.


On your right in the picture below are Bep & Gerda. They organized this end of year event.


Kind of hoping to finish this pink trip before the end of the year! This gives me 8 days, minus 2 working days, Christmas and Boxing day!! Surely, I can complete 2 appliqué blocks (that are nearly done – really!) and start-up with 2 other baby Jane’s in the 4 remaining days left in this year??? Did you know that when I complete my 4th trip, I only have another 3 to go! Depending on how you look at things, I’ve nearly passed the half way markHot.


KijkDaarIs said...

Al moest ik wel weer uithalen..( zo komt Jane nooit af..;0)..)ik vond het weer erg gezellig!!!
Ik wens je een hele fijne Kerst...

ruthsplace said...

As always your DJ posts make my fingers itch to start one! Love the pictures of your journey to the Bee. I really want to come back and visit the Netherlands again.