Sunday, 25 November 2012


I want a dog!! Yesterday, while at work I met Joey. His kindly expression says it all.


Joey has a cheerful character. A show off, playful and from one glance I could see he was trustworthy with everyone. A great dog to take along to the event yesterday at ‘Wilhelmina Bos’, Dronten.

The Golden Retriever originated in the Scottish Highlands in the late 1800's and was used predominantly for hunting. The breed was developed by Lord Tweedmouth, whose goal was to create a superb retriever suited to the Scottish climate, terrain and available game. He crossed his original "Yellow Retriever" with the Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct) found on his estate. Later integrations of Irish Setter, Bloodhound, and more Tweed Water Spaniel produced the retriever we know today.

I really hope to be a owner again of a dog in the near future. But I know it is wise to wait a little while longer before running to a breeder. There are two reasons that are holding me back. 1.) Teddy, won’t share his space (our home) with anyone else accept us (Hubby and me).


The other reason for not running to a breeding kennel for a pup is that I haven’t found the right balance in my job yet. I think I need a lot of free time the first couple of months to train and socialize a pup. But aren’t they cute when they are small?


When he is grown, he will look like this. I love big dogs.


They are really not small! A male Golden Retriever should be between 60 centimetres in height at the withers, while females should be about 55 centimetres tall. A adult Golden Retriever will weigh around 30 kilos.

Dreaming of a dog. A question for you: how do I convince Hubby that it would be great to have one.

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suz said...

oh my Helen...that brought a smile to my face. I live alone (son is grown and in his own place), in an apartment, and I work full time. There is nothing there that says big dog - for which my small (indoor) cat is probably very grateful! However, if you brought your husband to see puppies once you've decided on a breeder... those things do seem to fall in place. I know that's how my niece got her husband to buy their golden retriever 15 years ago! Good luck.