Sunday, 25 November 2012

Extending longevity!

My towels were fraying along the edges. Normally I would have thrown them away and bought new ones. But I choose for sustainability. I’m being green! Although, I’m not helping our economy this way Sad. Sorry about that! Early this morning I sat down behind my sewing machine and zigzagged around the edges.



As you can see, the rest of the towel is in good condition. After zigzagging the edges, they nearly look like they are new. Did I make the right choice for being green?

Did you know that potentially harmful byproducts are often mixed in the water that is used to bleach, wash, and dye the towel fabric? By extending the longevity of our towels I’m doing my part for a better world Angel. And, saving a little extra money this month Happy

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Berna said...

Goed gedaan 😉