Saturday, 10 November 2012



Our platanus is being pruned. The red robin is being secured to withhold winter winds.


At the request of our neighbours this conifer is going down! According to them it was pushing against the wall creating cracks. IMG_0949

Seeing no cracks, conifer is gone and the birds who use this nest have lost their home. Guess who I’m not going to believe in the future Batting Eyelashes


I hate winter gardens they look so barren.


We’ve got lots to bring to the tip


Love the colour of this bush, against our kitchen outside wall


End result. Right side of the garden looking from our house.


Another bush has been destroyed.


Guess this little fellow is not too unhappy about it. Lots of worms are appearing. Yummy!


Looking forward to the spring and plant some new scrubs and trees. Looking especially for plants that stay green in the winter. Your suggestions are more than welcome. I like a little colour in my life during the European winters.

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Berna said...

Het kan maar weer klaarzijn voor de winter. Hier hebben we ook hulp gehad hoor. Is toch wel heel lekker (en luxe).
Fijne zondag verder en denk aan de broodnodige quiltuurtjes.