Sunday, 21 October 2012

Meaning of ‘my’ life!

Who wants to live in a world where average is the expectation? I want to be somewhere that I am expected to be great. But when it comes to defining what I really want – what I love, it kind of gets all twisted. It’s not about the money, It’s not about the prestige or the recognition. It’s not even about success or happiness. It is about contribution. I want to make a difference. Be it big or small, I want to have an impact.

I want to give meaning to creating a better healthcare system, a better place for patients and their family and friends. To realize this, I choose my work as a catalyst. I want to change the world, especially for those who have lost something. May it be their health or well-being.

Right now I have a choice, I can sit on the sidelines and not get my work done, or I can choose to be proactive. I want to be heard! I want to matter. It is necessary to do it now when you look at the cons of our individualistic society.

“….putting problems at the centre of our decision-making changes everything. It’s not about the self anymore. It’s about what you can do and how you can be a valuable contributor. People working on the biggest problems are compensated in the biggest ways. I don’t mean this in a strict financial sense, but in a deeply human sense. For one, it shifts your attention from you to others and the wider world. You stop dwelling. You become less self-absorbed. Ironically, we become happier if we worry less about what makes us happy…” ~ Oliver Segovia

To analyze my level of proactive energies, I ask myself the following 3 questions:

  • Can I do it? Do I really believe I’m capable of achieving this? Can I accomplish this task? But most important do I recognize what is eating away at my ‘can do’ attitude? Can I steer myself away from negative orientated people and let myself not be affected by what they say and do?
  • Do I have a reason to do it? Is it worth it? Does anyone care? I believe so. There is a connection when I speak on this subject. People recognize what I want to achieve.
  • Am I energized? Or am I too exhausted (mentally or physically) to get something done? These last questions are tricky as I have to admit that the fire within me is a little subdued.

Bringing meaning to my life and work is important to me. If I don’t have that I don’t get anything done.

However sometimes obstacles just get me down and I find I’m forcing myself to get started even with the knowledge of why I’m doing what I’m doing. To overcome my inertia, I focus on what makes me happy. I look at my pick-me-up mouse pad.


What big problem serves as my compass? Patient care in the last phase of life.

Happiness comes from the intersection of what you love, what you're good at, and what the world needs.

Finding my way in a diverse world means further developing my role. Tapping into a new mind-set, a new skill set, a new habit.

Looking forward to the future for I know I’ll be doing something that matters.  Giving meaning to my life and making it a happier place for the ‘others’.

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