Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hand quilting

Part of the appeal of quilting is the soothing repetition of hand quilting. Had to share that I picked up Zoë’s quilt tonight to do some quilting before going to bed.

When hand quilting a finished top, you need to choose your threads carefully. Actually, I never choose. I always use the quilting thread from Coats & Clark. Have been using the Dual Duty Plus® since I started quilting, which is more than 20 years ago (although I did have a 8 year break). There are quilting threads in a variety of colours. For Zoë’s quilt I went for bold red. Go’s well with the Kaffe Fassett fabrics in this quilt.

There are two basic types of hand quilting stitch. You can "rock" your needle through the fabric, doing three to four stitches at a time. You can "stab" down through the fabric, come back up and repeat the process, a single stitch at a time. I’m a rocker!  The quilting stitch is actually a small running stitch. The needle is held in the thimble which is on the third finger and rocked up and down, in and out of the quilt. I try my best to repeat making the same stitch length. As this is a thick quilt, my stitch length is about 3mm. Making it easy peasy, getting about 4-5 stitches on the needle at one time!!!

When quilting I always use a hoop and always start the quilting in the centre of the quilt and work outwards.   Quilting like this will help keep wrinkles from sneaking their way in the back of my quilt. And, it really helps keep the fabrics even all around the quilt.

I enjoy every moment when hand quilting and the thoughts that go into each stitch. Quilters lead pieceful lives. Batting Eyelashes





As you can see hubby's camera is a grade-up to mine. You can actually see the aging of my hand Blushing For those reading my blog, but don’t quilt, I think you get an idea what traditional hand quilting entails.

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Anonymous said...

Helen, I love the colors on this quilt. I enjoy hand quilting and hand piecing. Lately, with time constraints of getting projects done, I've been using the machine. But this weekend I picked the needle back up and did some hand work. It is very peaceful.