Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fear of change!

Why do so many of us fear change? As change is, more than anything, inevitable. What to do when better seems worse? The heart of the problem is that we simply don’t like change. I think the older we get the more set in our ways we become. But should we accept this? Change can also bring about lots of good. How can I encourage people to take the first step? It is usually the fear of change that is holding us back. What do I need to do, to find out what you fear the most? But let’s face it. Change of any sort - whether modest or major - can be unnerving. I do realize that. I also understand why we try so hard to hang on. We cling to even the most minor routines with an odd tenacity. We all have our litany of everyday habits that we hold on to. And, most of us greet radical innovation with the enthusiasm of a baby meeting a new sitter.

At the moment I attract lots of people who fear change. I’m asking them to reassess what they are doing and by doing so hoping they see that their efforts don’t lead to much. It is costing them too much energy and time. However, at the moment I’m told at least 4 times a day that things should stay as they always have been. Some of these people are even outright rude and show little respect towards me. Their fear towards my proposal is too big.

Most of these people express at least one of these traits when I’m talking to them.  negative traits

I’m surprised by how much negativity surrounds me/us! Or is it just me? Do I not perceive the world correctly? Is my view a dream? Unreal? I’m trying to understand why this unwelcome change is so unsettling. I’m trying to show them that the fears we experience in the face of change are often deceptive. I do know that they are aggravated by not knowing what lays ahead and how it will effect them.  They are scared that once they take the first step they are no longer free to go back on their commitment. However, they don’t seem to realize that they still have the freedom to change their mind. It is okay by me if they remain doing what they are doing now, but please be open to others who want pick on what they are unable to do. Give ‘others’ a chance to shine!

Many of us are constituted psychologically in such a way that we simply cannot feel peaceful in advance of a major step but only afterwards. Being a little apprehensive is good, isn’t it? How can I help others understand that? How can I take away the doubts and fears? How can I influence their expectations? It is a challenge to let the ‘others’ see what they are capable of.

The attitude I want to create is that they avoid negative conclusions and stay in a place of positive expectation under all situations. I need to reinforce positive assumptions, accept they don’t seem to hear me Sad

Maybe I need to continue my training and improve my leadership & communication skills Batting Eyelashes . But than again, maybe I should them be. Maybe I should make more of an effort to ignore them and focus on those who do want to undertake a challenge.

My new challenge is to rebuild the world. My mission is to put a smile on everyone's face. In the world I'm creating, everybody shouts hello to everyone else from their home, their car windows, in the train, and, in the streets. Will you help me create a compassionate and heartful community? Do you think we really need to transform and heal our world?