Saturday, 13 October 2012

Dear Jane - appliqué

Thursday evening I went to my quilt class and decided on the last minute to take my Dear Jane. I was running a little late. When I got home, I only had 20 minutes to eat and phone a friend who need some advice. Leaving me ample time to drive to my class and be on time. I didn’t have any time to search for the other quilt block that I was working on!

Remember this quilt? Before the summer I was working on block 1 – Bird and Nest. 


Laurie Simpson & Polly Minick decided to also publish a book of this quilt. Which I naturally had to have.

But back onto the subject of this ‘post’; the Dear Jane. We always have a show and tell before we sit down and work on our projects. I showed my progress of the Dear Jane and completely unexpected my teacher zoomed in on my appliqué blocks. She wasn’t very impressed and expected a little more perfection from me! So here is a close-up, so that you can see your self. Why do they get a bad mark, for example: the leaves have no sharp points, they are not nice and oval & the stitching is showing in certain areas!


IMG_0850_F6_Deanies Daisies


On close inspection I have to admit she is right. I wasn’t that happy with the result myself, but let myself be convinced that no one would see it once the quilt was completed.  But I have to admit that I also want to experience pleasure when it is completed. So I’ve decided I’ll be doing F6, F9 & G5 over again. You might think I’m a little weird and perfectionistic, but I will perfect my appliqué skills too.

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Judith said...

Helen, vraag jezelf af of vorderingen niet te zien mogen zijn in je werk? Perfectie nastreven kan ook heel vermoeiend zijn. Het is toch juist mooi om 'groei' te mogen zien? Om te zien dat in blokken die nog komen gaan vorderingen zijn gemaakt. Fijn weekend.