Saturday, 20 October 2012

comfortable anonymity

I usually go through life with comfortable anonymity. Until that moment someone comes up to you and says where do I know you from? Usually my response is I don’t know. But there are times that this answer does not satisfy the other person. I like living incognito, but I have to admit I love seeing the surprise when they realize it is ‘me’! Yes, besides being a quiltmaker I’m also a  researcher who has published on quality of life of patients who survived a cardiac arrest and have an ICD. For some I’m know as Dr. Helen Kamphuis.

Here is ‘me’ giving a presentation in Munich a couple of weeks ago.



It is a big happening! Total attendance this year was 26600 people. 


The taxis kept on coming and going. Dropping of nearly all the medical professionals working in the area of cardiology in Europe.


Inside view.


Lots of cardiologists, nurses, allied professionals, and researchers. Lots of men! Didn’t see hardly any women. I’m sure the ratio was 90 to 10 for every 100 health professionals.


This week someone approached me in my village. She was sure she knew me. After a while it became clear her husband had an ICD. It is scary, when you realize you are not as anonymous as you thought.

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