Saturday, 29 September 2012

Re-discovery of Dear Jane mojo!

The Dear Jane keeps me bewitched! Every little baby Jane curtails a discovery in itself. And, I can’t explain why I need to go to my Dear Jane group to re-discover my mojo. Is it because of the addictive environment, sitting around the table surrounded by all these beautiful quilts? Or is it because of seeing the progress of others?





Hand piecing gives me joy. Thanks Suz for this insight and leaving a comment on previous post! It is indeed a deep feeling of exultant happiness or contentment that bestirs in me when I thread the needle and start piecing.


Finished G4 and added two blocks (G4 & G10) to my Dear Jane in progress.


I couldn’t wait to come home and show Hubby and the world my progress Wink I feel elated bringing this quilt into being. It is such an inspiring quilt. I don’t feel intimidated by some of the baby Jane’s. I see them as another challenge to over come. Actually, this quilt is a metaphor of life!


On the way home I naturally had to stop and visit the alpaca’s.


This cutie came up to me.


And, look at these two curious alpaca’s


Continued my drive home dreaming of that alpaca farm with a quilt room like that of Valori Wells Smile

Sunday, 23 September 2012

SuperGoof Trunkshow in Oene

My first post in a long time! And, it is about quilts!!! I’m so happy that I booked a seat for SuperGoof Trunkshow many months ago. It was fantastic. To hear Ingrid talk about her quilts, to see her quilts and even feel them, words can not express my idolization. So inspirational, it was electrifying. I’m feeling that itch again, to pick up my own projects. It was absolutely amazing to finally meet Ingrid after hearing so much about her and having read her blog for many years. What surprised me, she even knew who I was.

A impression….


2012_09_22_trunkshow_SuperGoof1-0012012_09_22_trunkshow_SuperGoof2-001 2012_09_22_trunkshow_SuperGoof3


If you want to see more of her quilts visit her blog, here. Ingrid is happy being a quiltmaker and sharing her enthusiasm and skills with as many quilters as possible. If you have a chance, go to one of her trunkshows.

Ingrid, if you happen to read this, I hope to meet you again. I absolutely love the quilts you have made so far. I can imagine there will be many more to come. I’m hoping some of your quilting enthusiasm will rub off on me. When I see and feel your quilts, I realize that I just need to pick up my work and get going again. It doesn’t matter that I’m a slow quilter, a perfectionist, a hand-piecer, and having many projects going at the same time. I have to remember the emotion of being a quiltmaker.  Being a quiltmaker gives me much pleasure and satisfaction. I have to allow myself these little pleasures. And, try not to get caught up by everyday chores and obligations. Combining my love of piecing and my love of quilting is a natural progression. Being a quiltmaker is part of me! Although I have to admit quilting is not the only passion I have. Also in other area’s I detect this urge to create. I can not not create.

I’m realizing that not every quilt requires precision piecing, but it is important to me to have acquired the basics of piecing and quilting. And use these skills. It is necessary for me to further improve on these skills. I’ve come to the phase that I don’t care what people and other quilters think of me. I like doing it my way. Thank you Ingrid for reminding me of this.

After seeing Ingrid’s  quilts, I detect this itch to get going again and make my own quilts.