Friday, 17 August 2012

Re-found my MOJO!!


Making a happy dance!! I only need to quilt the top right-hand corner and Zoë’s Quilt, which looked like it might become ‘the never finished quilt’, will be completed!! I started in 2006 and it looks like I will finish this quilt after 4 years of quilting? For those who noticed that this doesn’t add-up, it took me 2 years to sew the top, with a little help from a quilt-friend!!

Last night I finished the heart chain. All the hearts are connected!

Underneath a close-up of this intensively hand-quilted quilt.


Close-up of the right-hand corner Wink


Another close-up of one of the other sides


Rolled-up! I really love this quilt. I’ll miss it. Hubby said last night that I should give this quilt to Zoë with a signed agreement. She can keep this quilt as long as she wants. If she however doesn’t like it anymore, she has to return it to me. In no circumstances is she allowed to lend it to someone else or sell it. I hope she understands. As Zoë is only 8 Smile 


Zoomed in! You can really see the hand quilting.

Lucky for me I need a couple more weeks to finish it. But I had to  shout to the world that I love hand-quilting. I’m so glad I re-found the joy of hand-quilting. Can’t wait to quilt again. It is so easy to balance the eye-end of the needle on the thimble. Gently piercing the needle through the quilt until you just barely feel the tip of the needle on your middle finger of your left hand that is underneath your quilt. When I feel a little prick on the tip of my middle finger I than stop pushing. Than I push the needle slightly back with my middle finger and up pops the needle on the front of the quilt. The length of the needle that travels beneath the quilt back determines the stitch length. As you can see my stitching is pretty even and tiny. As soon as I see the tip of the needle come through the front of the pleat, I stop pushing and return the needle to the vertical position to begin the next stitch. I’m able to load about 4 stitches onto the needle before pulling it through all the layers with my hedgehog (needle puller). Tongue out


I’m so glad I re-found my quilt MOJO.


Phyllis said...

Loooooove your quilt, superduper colors! Enjoy your mojo!

Berna said...

Zoë zal een gat in de lucht springen met zo'n mooie quilt van aunty Helen. Je hebt de smaak weer te pakken. Leuk!

ruthsplace said...

It looks amazing. Your quilting is stunning.

suz said...

What a great quilt! She is going to love it. I'm not normally a fan of orange, but this quilt is so bright and cheerful and your quilting is wonderful!

Squirrel-needleworker said...

Beautiful quilt! Hand stitch requires a lot of patience. I hope that someday I can learn it.