Thursday, 2 August 2012

Elderflower cordial

I love the stuff.


I first tasted it in Wales, at least that is what I thought. Naturally, we bought a bottle of the stuff. Check-out their website, click here. Don’t you want to try the stuff too, after looking at their website?

Actually, I had a Elderflower Pressé Wink when we were having our burgers at Rhugg Estate cafe in Corwen. This is a blend of elderflower, lemon and sparkling water. It is a unforgettable taste. But the cordial is a pretty good alternative. So I safer this bottle for that delightfully quaint moment.

Today, while at IKEA I came across their saft fläder. Yes, the Swedish also seem to drink elderflower cordial.


Guess who is making a happy dance at the moment! I just fixed myself a tall glass and it was delicious.



Recipe: Elderflower cordial, water, mint leaves and a ice cube. I think I did forget something, a slice of lime. Will get some, next time I’m at the super market Smile, so that this whacky vintage drink will be even more delicious.

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Quilt it and Dotty said...

Jeetje, dat maakte we vroeger thuis zelf! Het stikte van de vlierbessenbloesems bij ons in de buurt; laten koken in water met suiker en hup je had heerlijke limonade!