Friday, 17 August 2012

Re-found my MOJO!!


Making a happy dance!! I only need to quilt the top right-hand corner and Zoë’s Quilt, which looked like it might become ‘the never finished quilt’, will be completed!! I started in 2006 and it looks like I will finish this quilt after 4 years of quilting? For those who noticed that this doesn’t add-up, it took me 2 years to sew the top, with a little help from a quilt-friend!!

Last night I finished the heart chain. All the hearts are connected!

Underneath a close-up of this intensively hand-quilted quilt.


Close-up of the right-hand corner Wink


Another close-up of one of the other sides


Rolled-up! I really love this quilt. I’ll miss it. Hubby said last night that I should give this quilt to Zoë with a signed agreement. She can keep this quilt as long as she wants. If she however doesn’t like it anymore, she has to return it to me. In no circumstances is she allowed to lend it to someone else or sell it. I hope she understands. As Zoë is only 8 Smile 


Zoomed in! You can really see the hand quilting.

Lucky for me I need a couple more weeks to finish it. But I had to  shout to the world that I love hand-quilting. I’m so glad I re-found the joy of hand-quilting. Can’t wait to quilt again. It is so easy to balance the eye-end of the needle on the thimble. Gently piercing the needle through the quilt until you just barely feel the tip of the needle on your middle finger of your left hand that is underneath your quilt. When I feel a little prick on the tip of my middle finger I than stop pushing. Than I push the needle slightly back with my middle finger and up pops the needle on the front of the quilt. The length of the needle that travels beneath the quilt back determines the stitch length. As you can see my stitching is pretty even and tiny. As soon as I see the tip of the needle come through the front of the pleat, I stop pushing and return the needle to the vertical position to begin the next stitch. I’m able to load about 4 stitches onto the needle before pulling it through all the layers with my hedgehog (needle puller). Tongue out


I’m so glad I re-found my quilt MOJO.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Reflective moment

There are 4 needs that everyone has according to Stephen Covey!

The Fire Within

It has taken me some time to grasp that not any of my needs were been met. This was because I saw myself through the eye’s of the ‘others’. My chosen identities were determined by my chosen occupation and skills learned. The self-image I had created was very much influenced by my social identity. I finally realized that my self-esteem was effected by the mismatch between myself and the group standards. The fire within was slowly burning out. The past 3 years my core identity has been  challenged. Over time we develop patterns of ordering our choices, beliefs, values, goals and interests. Change may occur through our experience of dissonance. On hindsight this inconsistency between my beliefs and actions has been a period of trial & error.  

In many ways I was not allowing myself meet my basic needs. According to Covey:

  • Physical needs are the needs you have to live. These include needs like taking care of your health, finances, career.
  • Social needs are the needs you have to love. The need to love and be loved drive your needs for good relationships with friends, family, lovers, colleagues, community.
  • Mental needs are the needs you have to learn. These include the need for growth and constant, never-ending improvement.
  • Spiritual needs are the needs you have to leave a legacy, by filling your life with meaning, purpose and mission.

The past weeks I’ve been busy with reigniting the fire within. You probably noticed because of the infrequency of my posts. But I’m finally becoming me (again)! My true purpose is becoming more clear. I’ve mastered another stage of growth!

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is often portrayed in the shape of a pyramid, with the largest and most fundamental levels of needs at the bottom, and the need for self-actualization at the top. While the pyramid has become the de facto way to represent the hierarchy, Maslow himself never used a pyramid to describe these levels in any of his writings on the subject. If my self-diagnosis is right, I’ve reached the ‘self-actualization’ phase.

I’ve chose to post two models, that of Covey and Maslow. I think Covey has actually described Maslow’s ‘deficiency needs’: esteem, friendship, love & belonging, security and physical needs, in the model above. What do you think?

I’m finally allowing myself to fulfil my need to leave a legacy. I’ve created the momentum / have been given the opportunity to help  people in their last phase of life. Indirectly, I will be fundraising to help people beat or manage cancer. Money is always needed for improving care & research. I’m pretty sure I’ve found my niche! The acquired life-skills will finally be put to good use. But if you know me a little you know that I will continue exploring and giving meaning to my life.

PS: I would like to thank those who helped make this possible. You know who you are!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Update on Zoë’s Quilt

Nearly completed the heart chain around this quilt. Going around the last corner!


Nearly there!! Can you see it?


It is a big quilt that is being intensively hand quilted. It might take forever but the result is worth all the effort. I’ve got about 1/8 to go, before I can put on the binding. Maybe even less.


Had to take a picture of my thread caddy! Don’t you love it? Can’t quilt without my hedgehog (needle puller). The hedgehog is the tool with the thimble on top. I really hope that I will never need to replace it, as I really don’t like the new ones. The thimble on top is a size 16. It is a little lose and would really love to have a 15.5 mm thimble. If you know where I can get one, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail with the address of the retailer. The next size is a 15mm and that is too tight.


Hope to get some more quilting done in the next couple of weeks. I’m really happy that I’m finding my rhythm again.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Summer Bee

I think the photos speak for themselves.















Thursday, 2 August 2012

Elderflower cordial

I love the stuff.


I first tasted it in Wales, at least that is what I thought. Naturally, we bought a bottle of the stuff. Check-out their website, click here. Don’t you want to try the stuff too, after looking at their website?

Actually, I had a Elderflower Pressé Wink when we were having our burgers at Rhugg Estate cafe in Corwen. This is a blend of elderflower, lemon and sparkling water. It is a unforgettable taste. But the cordial is a pretty good alternative. So I safer this bottle for that delightfully quaint moment.

Today, while at IKEA I came across their saft fläder. Yes, the Swedish also seem to drink elderflower cordial.


Guess who is making a happy dance at the moment! I just fixed myself a tall glass and it was delicious.



Recipe: Elderflower cordial, water, mint leaves and a ice cube. I think I did forget something, a slice of lime. Will get some, next time I’m at the super market Smile, so that this whacky vintage drink will be even more delicious.