Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mini bee

It has been a long time since the Dear Jane box has been opened. And, guess what I found? A uncompleted baby Jane.


It is always encouraging to have a other quiltmaker come to visit. Like me, Berna is residing in the Netherlands during the summer. Most of the other Janiacs I know are on holidays enjoying the southern sun. But it isn’t too bad to be here at the moment. Sunny temperatures of 27 °C isn’t bad, especially when you compare it with the weather of the past weeks. Hubby took a picture of us, so that you really can see we are working on our projects. Asked hubby to take a complementary photo and this is how it turned out I dont know


If you look real close you can see I have nearly completed another block! In the background hortensia’s (hydrangea’s) from our own front-yard. In the far background our kiddie pool. I can wade to cool down after sun-baking. Everyone should have one in their backyard even if you don’t have kids  Hot . Berna is quilting the last corner of her quilt. She will be sewing the binding on, end of the week for sure.


Cute little block. It is not complete!


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ruthsplace said...

Looks like you had a lovely day together. I love your latest DJ block.89