Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A wedding & a visit to the UK

Day 1

On our way to Aylesbury we stopped to have lunch in Flitton at the White Hart. If you are in the neighbourhood, do pop-in, it is really worth your visit. 






Day 2 

The wedding at Dorton House. The reason for our visit.



The newly weds


Had to share this pictureSmile. Quaint little bag!





A typical rainy afternoon. Luckily it only rained for a little while. 


A double rainbow. Don’t see that often.


Day 3 – travelling back home!!

We visited Berkhemsted Castle

Castle Walk

On the castle grounds you see this lovely 19th century custodian cottage.



Remains of the castle walls.



A narrowboat on the canal through Berkhamsted.


I absolutely loved Berkhamsted. This historic town is situated in the west of Hertfordshire. I really could live there! It is definitely worth a second visit.

We also visited Brighton on the coast of East Essex. Had a quick walk through the centre trying to find Ship Street. 


Yes, this is Brighton Pier.





We needed to visit Brighton as a Steamer Trading Cookshop is located there and, so far as we know, you can get the ice-cube tray’s that hubby loves. They are stackable! I have to admit, so that you know, hubby is little peculiar about his ice-cubes Eye-rolling.

Looking forward to our next trip to the UK.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Civil War fabrics

A little while ago Mirjam (no blog) brought these fabrics back for me. She found these bundles of Civil War reproductions when she was shopping at Gramma Fannie’s Quilt Barn in Millersburg, Ohio.

Here is a pile of Fat Eights.


And, some Fat Quarters.


I washed & ironed them this week. Yes, that is my routine before cutting the fabric and assembling the pieces in preparation of the next block that I’m going to piece (sew). You don’t want to know how many boxes I now have with civil war reproductions. Two years ago I didn’t have any and now I don’t have enough room for them. I’ll be getting some larger boxes to store them in and then they will be moving to the garage!

Doesn’t this photo look idyllic?


I expect to find some ‘time’ coming month to do some piecing and clear up my study. Hope to post some more pictures of my progress next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mini bee

It has been a long time since the Dear Jane box has been opened. And, guess what I found? A uncompleted baby Jane.


It is always encouraging to have a other quiltmaker come to visit. Like me, Berna is residing in the Netherlands during the summer. Most of the other Janiacs I know are on holidays enjoying the southern sun. But it isn’t too bad to be here at the moment. Sunny temperatures of 27 °C isn’t bad, especially when you compare it with the weather of the past weeks. Hubby took a picture of us, so that you really can see we are working on our projects. Asked hubby to take a complementary photo and this is how it turned out I dont know


If you look real close you can see I have nearly completed another block! In the background hortensia’s (hydrangea’s) from our own front-yard. In the far background our kiddie pool. I can wade to cool down after sun-baking. Everyone should have one in their backyard even if you don’t have kids  Hot . Berna is quilting the last corner of her quilt. She will be sewing the binding on, end of the week for sure.


Cute little block. It is not complete!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Quilt basking in the sun


Getting there! Quilting a heart chain. Tedious work but loving it.


A house with a pool

As warm weather was predicted for this week we finally put up our pool. Have to admit it isn’t as big as suggested on the box Smile. But I think it will be lovely to cool down in after basking in the sun Tongue out.



Hubby was so kind to set it up after a long day at work. Naturally we had to try it out. The water was pretty cold just after it was put in, but I can tell you it was lovely this afternoon. Looking forward to another sunny day Wednesday.

Monday, 23 July 2012

I’m not hearing you

Today I had an appointment with my ENT specialist. My ENT specialist was a real nice lady doctor who not only explained to me what my problem was but also to the intern that was there. Learned how I can read my audiogram and about the anatomy of my ear. clip_image001

I’m one of the few people whose audiogram showed a cookie-bite pattern. I hear low and high frequency sounds well, but have a loss in the mid-frequencies.

Hearing impairment is the most common sensory disorder world-wide. It usually effects language acquisition and educational progress in young people. In people of my age, it usually affects also our social & working lives. So far I’m managing quit well if I do say so myself. Only a couple times a day someone will wave their hand to catch my attention or that I need to ask if someone will repeat themselves. I only truly have a problem when people talk softly or when I’m at a meeting and there are lots of distracting noises and many people talk at the same time. Yes, I’m still having a hard time grasping this news, especially as this hearing loss is not reversible, it can only get worse.

Causes of hearing impairment are numerous and in my case it is either hereditary or because of the otis media (middle ear infection) I had last January. The ENT specialist thinks it is mostly likely hereditary. We will know in one or two years. This depends very much on whether my hearing loss deteriorates any further. I find this hard to believe as no one I know of in my family has hearing problems or hearing loss, at least not before the age of 70. I personally think the otis media is the cause of my hearing loss. I also believe that the otis media was most likely a viral infection and not a bacterial infection as thought at that time. I’m pretty sure that I’m making the right assumption as the antibiotics didn’t really work, I needed to have 3 cures before I even noticed some improvement. Still knowing the cause won’t solve this problem.

It wasn’t so great to hear that people with sensorineural hearing loss, like me, can’t regain their hearing. The ENT specialist also told me that I most likely will need a hearing aid sometime in the near future. Between 2 to 5 years. In the mean time you will need to make a little more effort to get heard, if you want me to listen.

From my perspective there are some positive side affects:

  1. people really need to make an effort to express themselves if they want me to ‘hear’ them. If they don’t make the effort, it won’t hurt me as I can choose to ignore your non-verbal communication!
  2. I’m enjoying the quiet.
  3. I can explore a whole new world and learn new skills.
  4. I can become even a better ‘thinker’ (no distractions)

A thinker = a person who tries to use her intellect to work, study, reflect, speculate on, or ask and answer questions with regard to a variety of different ideas. Wink

There are numerous other possibilities which I can’t think of at the moment but I’m sure I will think of them soon Nerd . I just needed to ‘voice’ my thoughts.