Friday, 4 May 2012

OEQC Veldhoven

Look where I have been!






After admiring all the quilts and taking pictures of most of them, I walked towards the vendors, when I heard ‘hello Helen’, it was Pauline. I’m always a little surprised as I never expect to meet someone I know! Jacqueline was there also. The four of them had a fun day. But from what I gather, it was a long & tiring day but very successful.


After saying goodbye and wishing them a safe trip home, I continued my walk to the vendors.


I’ve finally met Esther Miller!! Both Pauline as Jacqueline mentioned that she was here at the OEQC. I got a personal tutorial from Esther Miller, using her special needle glider. As I don’t have my own quilting frame, I decided against purchasing one. But what did I buy?


Yes, my own sterling silver thimble.

I had a lovely inspiring chat and I hope I can meet her again next year. I’m considering going to one of her retreats! Want to read more, visit her website here.

I also went to the Den Haan & Wagenmakers booth and after admiring the Josephine quilt for nearly 2 years, I purchased the kit to make one myself. More information can be found here




On the way out, I dropped in the booth that Gerda was managing for Petra Prins.


While chatting with Gerda, someone came alongside me and asked are you Helen from Helen’s Blog. It was Miranda, who I only know through her blog. We are two Janiacs crazy about the Dear Jane.


Again it becomes clear, that blogging brings so many people together. I’m sure we would never have met if it wasn’t because of our blogs. If I understood her correctly I think I will be meeting Miranda again soon and than I can admire her Dear Jane personally. 

After my walkabout, I purchased one other item.


It was a very successful day as you can see. I went home content and with a big smile on my face.


Judith said...

En ik ben niemand tegengekomen vandaag, hoe is dat toch mogelijk! Jij bent inderdaad goed geslaagd, super. Fijn weekend

Phyllis said...

Hebben we elkaar gemist! Jammer, maar er komt weer een volgende keer.
Was super in Veldhoven, niet? Ik heb genoten!

Berna said...

Wow wat een mooie aankopen heb je gedaan! Die zilveren vingerhoed staat op mijn lijstje voor st. Marie aux mines. Ben benieuwd hoe hij jou bevalt.
Fijn weekend!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I have one of those thimbles and it is by far the best investment I ever made in my quilting life! You will love using it!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh and one other thing...if you didn't get her needle glider a nice alternative my be the Aunt Becky tool I know Quilt Direct in the UK sell it for about £4.

KijkDaarIs said...

Het was zo gezellig jullie te zien!!...en wat heerlijk die foto's..heb zelf niet zoveel van alles kunnen bewonderen....meer een glimpje hier en een glimpje daar....maar het was er reuze leuk....tot gauw!!
Fijne dag