Monday, 28 May 2012


Hubby is getting himself green fingers. He planted two Photinias this weekend and a Wisteria.


The previous plant also didn’t survive the - 20 °C frost so we replaced it with a wisteria vine which will grow along this arbor.


It can take up to two years to successfully train a wisteria vine to grow up this structure. During this time we will have to water it continually, and prune back the excess vines. According to the experts: in the winter is a perfect time to prune it back considerably. It will grow even more in the spring, giving us a healthier vine next year.

Wisteria vines are a very fast growing vine. This is one of the reasons for buying it. But the primary reason, I love this Blue Moon.

Blue  Moon is also known as a very strong vine. They can grow upwards of 20 feet (6 meters) long with very thick vines. The pressure they can exert on a structure when they are growing around it is tremendous. So hopefully this structure can withhold the pressure Happy

While all this work was being done, some else was relaxing!IMG_9320

Here are some shots of the photinias




Couldn’t contain myself and had to buy this blooming basket with the common Verbena, Helichrysum and Petunia’s.



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