Sunday, 13 May 2012

Attitude for Gratitude – week 19

Your real influence is measured by your treatment of yourself.
A. Bronson Alcott

I was well pleased after expressing my view that a change was manufactured. A change that will enable me to be more productive and help others realize their dream. I’m encountering a lot of people with narcissistic tendencies the past years. I expect it is primarily due to our economic climate. I’m impressible when confronted with narcissistic people. People with strong narcissistic tendencies tend to overreact to periods of frustration when their needs are not met. They are egocentric. They cannot tolerate any serious criticism about their nature, or interference in their ambition to attain the attention of others. My normal response is to freeze, when a narcissist lashes out. Slowly, I’m learning to handle myself better in those situations. I’m no longer allowing myself  to be put down. I’m making change happen!

It seems I have a task / purpose and for that I’m grateful. I’m putting my leadership in the world. Everyday brings new challenges, I choose to see the small grain causing the issue and I’m trying real hard to not allow it to control me. I’m making the choice to living authentically. This means I’m willing to:

Stand alone
Live fearlessly
Act heroically
Want to be free and true more than anything else
Take unconditional responsibility for oneself
Face everything and avoid nothing
At all times see things impersonally
Live for a higher purpose

There are two challenges I need to tackle from the above list Time out. I’ll let you know in future posts on how I’m handling these issues Winking. But I can tell you I’m becoming one with destiny itself.

I’m completely tickled by the fact that I’ve met a lot of people this week who have been very inspiring. It’s great to see how some people are creating better patient care. It is even greater realising that I’m given the chance to help them realise their dream.

Really pleased that I’ve given in to my urge to connect to my spiritual self. I’m thoroughly enjoying my yoga & meditation classes.

I’m completed chuffed realizing I only have to drive another 20.000 kilometres with my current car and than I can hopefully choose a new car. It is lovely to dream. Dreaming is sometimes even better than experiencing the real thing. For example wouldn’t mind driving this one: The Toyota Prado. But I know this will remain a dreamSmug

toyota prado review Australia

Elated after finishing another baby Jane. See previous posts for photos.

Jubilant realizing in another 40 days I’ll be here


Thursday was a special day. A nine year anniversary! I’m rejoicing! Looking forward to the next 9 years.

I feel ecstatic when looking at him, this alpaca.


Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.
Chinese Proverb

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