Sunday, 29 April 2012

Positive effect of blogging

My Saturday turned out a little different than I thought it would. When I woke up and checked my inbox I saw a e-mail from Linda Collins. About 6 weeks ago, she informed me she was coming to the Netherlands for a visit, after visiting Pour l'amour du fils, in Nantes. As driving is not an issue for me, however long it takes, I e-mailed back and told her to let me know when she could fit me in. It would be great to meet again.


So in the afternoon I got into the car and drove to Zutphen. We had planned to meet after her Reiko Kato workshop at Petra Prins. While waiting, I met up with Phyllis. Which brings me back to the title of this post. Both Linda and Phyllis I met in Houston last year. It is really amazing what a little blogging and a visit to the International Quilt Festival can lead to. Phyllis has a blog now too. You can find it by clicking here.  It was great seeing her again, after having a great and informative chat while driving from the airport to the hotel (last year November). And now she has a blog, I can get in touch with her. Last year, I forgot to ask for her telephone number and name. How sad is that? Yes, I got a little distracted by the sites and information she gave about the quilt show.

Linda is one busy lady. One thing I’ve learned this afternoon, while drinking a lovely cup of tea, is that she travels a lot. I’m a little jealous of her European tour. Read more about her travels here. What a great life she leads. Quilting & blogging has brought her so many great things. It was great catching up and listening to her Aussie accent. Looking forward to our next meeting. Who knows, we might be able to fit in some quilting, next timeHappy

For those who are wondering, we had tea here. We were even able to sit outside!

Petra was so kind to take a picture of us. I forgot to take one when I was in Houston. I sometimes wonder, if I had my thinking cap on during that week. Well here we are together.


I wonder where we will meet next time. Will it be Australia, some where else in Europe, or maybe again in the USA.

I would love to say I was coming October. Look what she is organizing.

Quilts In The Barn 2012.

Infinite Variety Revisited.

An Exhibition of Red And White Quilts.

5th, 6th, 7th October 2012

Also featuring Red And White Antique Quilts

by Mary Koval.

Sadly this year I will have to give it a miss, but can’t wait to read all about in October.

It is always a joy to take pictures in Zutphen. An impression.




I bought the scarves in the background.




Berna said...

Wat een leuke ontmoetingen kun je toch hebben door bloggen en dan nog wel in Zutphen! Kan een stuk slechter toch?

Phyllis said...

Was inderdaad heel erg leuk je weer gezien en gesproken te hebben na die rit in Houston afgelopen november! Small (quilting) world!