Sunday, 29 April 2012


Last Wednesday my SatNav acted a little funny or actually he (Bruce) didn’t do anything. Normally, Bruce guides me to all the places I want to go. This time, he remained in limbo. So I told him, I couldn’t accept this kind behaviour. He either started telling me where to go, as I don’t like being lost, or he would be replaced.

Can you believe what he did, before shutting down completely. He changed his gender. All by himself, he had become a lady. A lady speaking with an British accent. That is the last thing ‘she’ did for me.

So Thursday I made a decision and replaced Bruce 2 for a Nuvi® 3590LMT.

May I present Bruce 3:

Driving in my car has become an better experience since I have Bruce 3. 


I had to take this last photo while driving. Being a little naughty I know. But as you can see there was no other traffic on the road (do you believe me?) Anyway, the road signs on my Nuvi® match the ones you can see on the road (real time). It has the same city names. This blows my mind! And made me smile too. 

I won't be lost any longer! Now I have my new Nuvi® 3590 to show me the way Cool. I will always get there!

On the way back from Zutphen yesterday I had to stop and take some more pictures of these Alpacas.


They have noticed me!



Naturally I couldn’t contain myself at Petra Prins. I bought these back with me. Will I ever have time to make some of these quilts?




These are the 3 scarves I mentioned in my previous post.


I’m wearing the green one at the moment.


Because Cook&Co is only around the corner from Petra Prins I had to pop in. Bought these 2 things:

Measuring jug – the little one


A steamer basket



I’ll end this post with a colourful picture. These are the flowers I bought for this weekend.


Sorry, still haven’t made time to do some quilting! I’m letting myself be distracted by ‘life’.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

LOL, I don't know what I would do without my gps - garmin either although mine doesn't have a "name" occasionally she messes up and I refer to her as "the b!!@@#$" I hate getting lost and I hate when she has to recalculate and tells me to make a U-turn when I can't do that.
What we do without these modern conveniences!
Love the books - I can tell just by the covers that I would love them.

Mego said...

you made me laugh out loud!!! Glad you have a GPS that is working for you again! Of all the things you bought today I am CRAVING the vegie darn cute! You did GREAT today!