Wednesday, 4 April 2012



I finally got it! Here is my iPad.


On the last Wednesday of March I got an e-mail from Apple that my iPad would be delivered on Thursday. On Thursday no postman. On Friday there was an letter in our letterbox letting me know they had tried but no one was home. Friday evening I contacted the service department and arranged it to be delivered to my parents-in-law. Monday evening no package was delivered there! A very angry and frustrated Helen contacted the service department again. Why wasn’t it delivered? I had a confirmation letter. Well parcel was still at the depot (only a different one) and they wouldn’t be able to deliver till Tuesday Angry. They also still couldn’t tell me what time it would be delivered! After a long negotiation on the phone, I was able to convince them, that I was going to pick it up myself. Their delivery terms just didn’t suit mine. After driving 325 km (in 2 days) I've finally got my iPad. Yes, I picked it up at the distribution centre myself after two failed home delivery attempts.

If you are going to order a iPad and you live in the Netherlands, go to the shops and buy one from the store. It is a lot cheaper and quicker. Apple Sales International and TNT have a real strange Service Level Agreement. It isn’t very client friendly.

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