Sunday, 1 April 2012

Attitude for Gratitude post – week 13

Wow, what a week it has been. I feel pinnacle fit, especially mentally. What a little change in work context can do. I’m thankful for this change and the positive reinforcement it gives. I’m energized.


Some will perceive as if I’ve become a little hyper. And maybe they are right. I’m like a bouncing ball, that can’t stop.  I can’t seem to slow down. It is really funny not to be able to control it. I’m starting to suspect that I have an electrolyte imbalance. As you may know, our electrolyte balance is controlled primarily with hormones. Through-out my life I’ve had a couple of hormonal imbalances and so I’m going for a check-up (again).

Electrolytes help to keep the body hydrated. Without enough electrolytes, the cells cannot absorb water from the vascular system. At that point other potentially serious medical conditions may occur. I’m hoping that the endocrinologist can find out what the origin is for the symptoms I’m feeling. It is great to be hyper, except for the irregular arrhythmia. I also know that certain levels of electrolytes interfere with the electrical impulses in the heart. A slightly elevated or decreased level can cause serious problems. My self-diagnosis is I’ve got a hormone imbalance. I’m hoping the endocrinologist can fix it. What ever the outcome I’m enjoying the ride. A side-effect of being hyper is I’m feeling pinnacle fit and that is something to be thankful for. 

Met up with a old friend Saturday afternoon. We haven’t seen each other for nearly a year. Funny how once I stepped inside her home it felt like it was yesterday.

Friday night I met up with another old friend. She had some time to spare before she had to go to Laura’s Quilt Atelier to hear about the travel itinerary for the Ohio Quilt holiday in June.  Mirjam will be going to the Amish Quilt Show in Dalton and the 43rd annual NQA Quilt Show in Columbus. Hope to hear all about this adventure. Maybe I will go one day too. By the way, we had a lovely dinner, although it took them a little while to serve our starter. I think they still needed to catch Mirjam’s mackerel,  if I heard the waiter correctly Happy


I was in total bliss to hear that my iPad would be delivered last Thursday. This was a lot quicker than I had been informed. Sadly, our postal service only delivers between 9am and 5pm. So guess what? I'm still waiting for my iPad. I will most probably have it coming Wednesday. How sad is that? Thankfully my parents-in-law are home Monday and can except delivery. Apple & TNT have an interesting service perspective. Apparently they think no one works in the Netherlands! Well I hope you do now! I work full-time and last week I even worked around 60 hours. So please re-organise your delivery service that accommodate my needs. Your SLA really needs revision Batting Eyelashes.

Received a lovely inspiring e-mail from a quilter friend. She saw one of her daughters books laying around and skimmed it through. Before she knew it, she was so enthralled that she nearly finished reading the book in one go.  I’ll share the title: Kennedy and the Promise of the Sixties by W.J. Rorabaugh. Her e-mail was so motivating that I convinced I need to read it too. Hopefully there is a Kindle edition!

I’m grateful that hubby is back home safe from his business trip to the UK. For a moment it looked like he might need to stay on longer as it was hard to come by fuel. The impending strike by the fuel tanker drivers had triggered panic buying. So there was some fuel shortages and long queues at petrol stations across Britain. 


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