Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Did an introduction workshop on analyzing non-verbal cues. I’m hooked! Actually have been for some time. It is so interesting to see the unconscious messages we all send out every minute in so many situations. I’m fascinated what we can read from a person’s facial expressions or mannerisms. I want to learn more about the Goodfield Method. Information can be found here and for my Dutch readers here.

It would definitely be interesting to analyze what non-verbal leaks I send. What decision or strategy manifests from my past and influences my reaction today. But I would really love to be able to analysis the non-verbal leaks of my co-workers and groups that I participate in. To be able to detect / read the interaction patterns. It would give me the opportunity to anticipate and maybe prevent mistakes. But primarily it would give me insight in their behaviour. I might even start to understand, who I am but also who you are. 

It would be great to do what dr. Cal Lightman does in Lie to Me, a tv-serie. As I’m a doctor too (yes, I have a PhD), I only need to learn this skill and start practicing Big Grin and become a master.

The Goodfield Method is based on Paul Ekman’s work. Ekman is a psychologist who pioneered in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. Want to know more, check out his site. 

Will I ever be able to read all those expressions? There are so many!

Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise, Amusement, Contempt, Contentment, Embarrassment, Excitement, Guilt, Pride in achievement, Relief, Satisfaction, Sensory pleasure, and Shame.


I’m thankful that a colleague invited me along. I’m inspired!

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Rennie said...

Interssant he. Heb je er ook weleens naar gekeken hoe mensen lopen hoe zij hun voeten neerztten en de stand van hun benen. Zijn ook hele theorieen over geschreven en daar kan je ook veel uit opmaken.