Saturday, 10 March 2012


To get an iPad3 or not to get an iPad3. That is the question?

The temptation is getting too great. I think the cost of this new device will influence my decision. It is estimated that it will cost about $ 599 and then we are only talking about the Wifi 16GB. But I want the 32GB Tongue out.

I expect that the iPad2 price will most probably get slashed. What to do? I expect I should wait till the end of March when the iPad3 will become available in the Netherlands Disappointed.

What have you decided? The biggest question that I need to answer, do I really want one Wink


Rennie said...

Moeilijke beslissing, maar ik heb gelezen dat de scherpte van de New IPad (want zo gaat hij heten en niet de IPad3) vele malen mooier is. Verder is hij iet wat dikker een paar mm maar. Volgens mij wil jij hem ook gaan gebruiken voor foro's. Dan zou ik maar voor the New IPad kiezen.

Donna said...

Yes, you do need one. And you should get the newest one that is coming out now. I have an iPad that is 18 months old and I LOVE IT. Wait until you get some digital quilting magazines on it. And this new one has terrific color and resolution. So continue to enjoy life's simple pleasures along with the fabulous technology that is ours!