Sunday, 25 March 2012

Attitude for Gratitude – week 12

I’m grateful that we are still in the running for an international publication. Received reviewer comments and at the moment we are processing their suggestions. It always surprises me, that my first reaction is ‘oh no’ that is too much to digest. We will never meet their demands. Scared that this article will never get published and that all our work was for nothing. But once I put my thinking cap on, and really focus on what they are asking, it never seems to be so bad. Still, we do need to make some adjustments. 

Yesterday I made the decision to work on the article on Sunday instead of Saturday as planned. In hindsight, I’m pleased that I did that. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my day. There is nothing better than sitting in our bear chair, with a coffee, Pavlova & Kindle, and basking in the sun between chores.


I’m grateful because it gave me so much energy, that I’m feeling completely blissful. We pottered in the backyard. Hubby planted some scrubs that I bought in the morning. I cleaned two bear chairs. Removing the green algae. The day ended with our first BBQ for this season. Hubby made lovely burgers.


Happy that daylight saving time is upon us again.


Daylight saving means to me that we are leaving the winter behind us and getting ready for the summer. I love transitions, as you may have noticed.  Although it meant we had one hour less sleep last night. Love summertime.

Delighted that we have been invited to a wedding. Friends of ours have finally decided to take the plunge. Looking forward to our second trip to the UK. But that won’t be till the end of July.

Yes, it really looks like all my friends are getting married. I remember this song from long time ago. It was a hit in my pre-teen years in Australia. Do you remember Skyhooks, the Australian rock band? Happy memories Striaght Face

Slowly accepting that I’m really a researcher. One of my primary drivers is that I try to analyse how to get from A to B, constantly.

imageBeing a researcher is like standing at the edge of the abyss and not knowing which step to take next. Researchers dwell a long time on which step to take next and then finally move forward. Not knowing if you will find the answer or when you will find it, is intoxicating but a process which I can’t avoid. Sometimes it’s a step forward and other times it is step aside. I’ve even come to realize that taking a step back is sometime wise. After many years, I’ve come to realize that the shortest way from A to B, is when you know what B is. Sadly, many search / dwell forever trying to find what B is. I’ve decided that B is not a destination in which you arrive, it is the journey there. I determine my destiny, by the direction I’m taking.

Delighted that I was able to order the third generation iPad. Saving and having some money in my piggy bank is paying off.

piggy bank

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