Sunday, 18 March 2012

Attitude for Gratitude post – week 11

I’m absolutely rapturous when I look back on this past week. It was a good week. I’m thankful that my health is returning, I’ve got more energy which in return makes me happy.

Thankful for the great day with my mum yesterday. It is becoming a little boring to mention, but yes we visited Leer again.

Grotere kaart weergeven

We had a great lunch. Sorry can’t post the picture with my mum, she doesn’t like being seen on internet. This is for you mum Kiss. I know you are one of the lurkers Smug.

iphone 084

I bought two jackets, two t-shirts and two scarf's. Getting ready for Spring.

iphone 087

Looking a little serious & surprised in this picture.

iphone 089

Mum took the above two pictures. Thank you!

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing these lambs. Spring is here!



Appreciative for the walk back in time. Got a little help from a special person to be able to do this. I’ve created a new memory that makes me happy. Leave-taking feels a little less traumatic, even when I realize it is definite. This transmutation that I’m experiencing is making me restless. I’m sensing that this particular time on the planet is unveiling another age of humankind. To remain strong & uninfluenced by the others and face the demands of everyday living is quite time consuming. It is creating lots of restlessness within me and it is consuming lots of energy. I realize that I’ve got no influence on this and I should just surrender to it. Sometimes easier said than done. But I’m not letting the world define me any longer. I’m me and I’m fearless of what is coming. The last 3 years have been a journey making me realize that life-issue’s tends to work out by themselves, the only consequence is that it means a lot of leave-taking & letting go. The place I’m at now is a school (learning-experience). It’s where I stretch the muscles of my soul and grow in the face of the demands of everyday living. My destiny is not clear but I’m convinced I’m on the right path.

I’m please that my sister and her family are able to go and visit Australia coming August. I’m so happy for them. Can’t wait to hear all their adventures and see all the great photos.

Australian flag

Still ecstatic after the introductory workshop on analyzing non-verbal cues. Yes, thankful that I have people around me who like the same things and tip me.

Delighted meeting-up with an old acquaintance Thursday. Re-kindling old friendships. Looking forward to catching-up soon again outside the work-setting. This also applies to two old nursing school friends. We have finally been able to confirm a date to get together. Feeling very chuffed.

Pretty enraptured after seeing this little occupant in one of our birdhouses.



Berna said...

Staat je goed!

Anonymous said...

Weer goed geslaagd. Mooie gecombineerd met die shawls!

Sagittarian said...

Hi, great post!:) Thanks for sharing!:)